Rachel Pollack Doom Patrol

I think it’s time for DC Universe to post the Rachel Pollack run of Doom Patrol (post-Morrison, issues 64-87). First, Doom Patrol is an immensely popular show, so any related content would surely be welcome by fans.

Secondly, the series deals with a host of relevant issues, including trauma and gender identity. DP has always been about misfits, about bucking norms, and Pollack does so explicitly. I know that myself and other LGBT fans of the series would love see ourselves represented in the Legion of the Strange.



I agree. I want to collect all runs of doom patrol but DC has not even released Pollack’s run in a collection. There were going to a couple years of go but cancelled it. I really want to read about Coagula.


I don’t know if this helps but her run is now a available on Comixology Unlimited right now.


I betcha this run will indeed show its head as the DOOM PATROL episodes begin to drop, which would be terrific. It’s a fine way of whetting the appetite for one of comics’ most entertaining and increasingly relevant titles.

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I’d surely love to read it! I’ll make sure to submit your request to the team. :blush:


I was so upset when I read they cancelled the planned release of Doom Patrol Vol 4 (the Rachael Pollack run) for all the reasons you mentioned.

I’d also like to see the vastly underrated Nancy Collins run of Swamp Thing in print.

I don’t see whyDC wouldn’t to want to showcase some of their more outstanding female talent!


it’s up on comixology for anyone with an unlimited account

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Including it here is really necessary. It’s bad enough it’s not in print. Her run is as beloved as Morrison’s.

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I never had a chance to read Morrison’s run as a kid. I remember thinking it looked like it was trying too hard. On DCU, I finally had a chance to read it. Honestly, it wasn’t that great. And yeah, I think I was right. It was trying too hard.

So, I’d love to see some other writers taking a stab at it.