Quotable DC Movie Lines

In tribute to @Vroom: what are some lines from DC movies that you find yourself frequently using in every day life?

For instance: any time I find myself frustrated with local politics, I let off some steam by declaring “This town needs an enema!”


“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

It’s the obvious choice, but is such a good line.


I find a surprising number of excuses to use “Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb” and “Did you ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?”

Thanks to Atop the Fourth Wall’s use of it as a reaction clip to confusing plot developments, probably my most-quoted line is “It just raises too many questions” from Batman Forever.

Though of course, “I’m Batman” technically originated in (or at least became a meme because of) the '89 Batman, so if any use of that counts as a movie quote, then it takes the cake easily.


“And here. We. Go!”


“I’m not wearing hockey pads” is something you can say any time you’re not wearing hockey pads.


“Always mind you’re surroundings” im literally always telling my kids.


My friend got a kitten and named it Diana, and the first time I saw this kitten I said “The world of men does not deserve you, Diana,” and no one laughed, and I am STILL MAD.


When YJ first aired, I told my supervisor that the new guy was “feeling the whelm”. but in my context, she understood i meant an average workload which can seem like a lot to the uninitiated. Whether or not she would be into YJ or not is about even since we would talk about The Walking Dead a lot since that was also airing when i was working there.


Thanks HCQ!

Whenever someone asks who I am, I always say: “A friend.” The look on Gertrude’s face at the Reception Desk that one time…woo!

Lessee…I always say “Uh, half.” when asked about how much of a portion I want of something by people who would get the reference. They chuckle, I chuckle, we have fun.

One time in high school, I called my best friend at the time to let him know I was on my way to his house. He picked up the phone and I said “Your angel of death awaits.”. Thanks to Caller ID, he knew it was me and replied “This madness ends now!”. Oh, we had fun.


Jesus Marimba!

@CassCainIsBestBatgirl I’m mad, too! But I laughed at your joke, so maybe we can both find peace again.


Y’know, when I meet Ms. Right and after we’ve become very good friends and have nerded out with each other many times, I’ll probably quote DeVito’s Penguin and throw out “Just the ***** I’ve been looking for.” at some point in a completely humorous way.

She’ll know I’m just being a wiseacre and goofing around and will reply with a DC quote that suits me.


No one can say “six” around me without getting, “Six is good.”


I used to call out the need for shark repellant bat spray


Oh, hang on, I forgot about animated movies. I quote Owlman’s “It doesn’t matter” from the end of Crisis on Two Earths a lot too.


From Justice League Unlimited season two, episode 13 “Destroyer”:

Superman is telling Darkseid how he feels he always has to keep his power in check to prevent harm to people, and that he feels like he sometimes lives in a world made of cardboard.

Superman: “What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose, and show you just how powerful I REALLY am.”

He then lunges at Darkseid and with all of his might, punches the despot into the Metropolis sky and through evacuated skyscrapers.

As Darkseid hurtles out of a building, still caught in the grip of the Kryptonian’s power, Superman is in the air, waiting for him and assaults the evil lord once more, sending him cratering into the street below with extraordinary force.

I absolutely LOVE this scene. What Superman says as he’s approaching Darkseid and Superman’s actions in putting the vicious foe in his place, George Newbern’s performance, the music, all of it.

It’s one of THE best moments in JLU and the entire DCAU. It was also one of the greatest DC moments from any medium in 2006.


From Seinfeld:

Kramer is relaying to George and Jerry a harrowing story of how he took control of a city bus and saved it from being overtaken by a criminal, while still making stops as riders signaled for them.

George: “You’re Batman!”

Kramer: “Yeah, I am Batman!”

Also from Seinfeld:

Kevin, aka Bizarro Jerry, is hugging his friends as he cries in joy.

Kevin: “Me so happy!”

Also from Seinfeld:

George: “She’s a two-face!”

Jerry: “Like the Batman villain?”

George: “If it helps.”


You didn’t invite me, so I crash!- Penguin (Batman Returns)

Eckhart, Think about the future! -Jack Napier (Batman)

'WHY SO SERIOUS?!And let’s put a smile on that face. Why so serious? -Joker (The Dark Knight)


‘I’m always around’- Superman (Superman Returns)



From Superman: The Movie:

Prison Warden: “This country is safe again Superman, thanks to you!”

Superman: “No sir, don’t thank me Warden. We’re all part of the same team. Good night!”


Where is my nipple!?

-Garry Green (Legends of Tomorrow)


@Biff_pow: I use ‘Jesus Marimba’ all the time! :grinning: