Quick Rebirth Series Question

Hey Fam, I wasn’t quite sure where to ask this, but I knew my DC Family could help me out.
I’ve looked, but I’m sure I’m not looking in the correct location.
So, Here is my overall question…

Is there a database or complete listing of all books, and their issue numbers in order?

What I mean by that is, for example, when it comes to all the Rebirth series that DC did starting around 2016…… is there a list or site or something that shows where each Book ended in their respective “Rebirth’ series?
For example, what issue did Superman Rebirth end? Like, did it end at Superman #45?
And if so, where does it go after that? Is it New Justice?
I get conflicting answers online.

I hate bouncing around when reading character’s storyline, I like to go in order. But so many times, that is so hard to figure out, because they will throw in a “Special Edition”, or do a “Crossover Event” with other books, and other various events.

Anyways. Thanks for any help Fam. :heart:


I’m not personally aware of a site like that. But the DC Universe Infinite servuce shouod include the years a certain ongoing or mini-series started and ended. Such as…The Martian Manhunter (1998-2001).


There’s a concrete starting point to each Rebirth series after the end of the New 52, but there’s no definite, conclusive, story-driven end other than when they drop the branding. “Rebirth” was not meant to be an independent story, but a banner to signal that the New 52 era had concluded.


Yeah. I know. But, its so confusing knowing where to pick up next with superman comic or batman, or flash, etc.
maybe its just my OCD analytical mapping brain that drives me insane :crazy_face:


My advice is to pick a favorite writer or artist and start where their run starts.


Pretty much this. “Rebirth,” “Infinite Frontier,” “Dawn of DC” are more branding titles than they are clear storylines.

But I can answer this. For the purposes of your question, I would say that the “Rebirth” era of Superman ended with Superman (2016-2018) #45 and Action Comics #999. After that, you should go to Action Comics #1000, followed by the 2018 Man of Steel series, and then you can start the current volume of Superman which started in 2018 and Action Comics #1001. That would put you into the Bendis era of Superman (or “New Justice,” I guess, since I’m only just realizing that was a thing). Anyway, it’s like HubCityQuestion said, Rebirth was more of a branding label than a definitive storyline, but I’m pretty sure you could do what I just did with Superman if you follow the publication dates.


I knew my DC Fam would come thru.

Thanks for the info and help



No prob!


just read everything