Quick Jim Lee Azrael Recreation

Ok so this is a recreation I did of a jim lee piece. I didn’t copy or trace it’s all freehand and I only look at Jim’s pic for references. I put my user name in the corner as well . Lol :joy:, so anyway hope everyone likes it , also @Kon-El I’m tagging you hope that’s ok .


I :heart: the crap out of this!!!


Thank you :blush: @Kon-El. I’m super glad that you love :heart: it .

Here’s all the ones I’ve done so far


Very awesome as always​:+1:


I love it @Viciousdark! It even has that classic Jim Lee “spatter” running through the dark areas. You have such a great attention to detail, while maintaining focus on the overall piece. Amazing!

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Thank you :pray:t2: @NYJt3 I try , lol :joy:. Thank you :blush: @KeyFamily. I tried to recreate the picture as I saw it. A lot of times because of how close I can recreate it to the original ppl have said I didn’t make that. To me isn’t that the point of art?!. You recreate what you see on the paper just as it is , well as close as possible. I’m srry getting off subject lol :joy:, I just love :heart: all the new pieces he’s been making to help comic shops out and this one went for like 6 to 8 g’s :flushed:, which is awesome :clap: btw , but I’m going to be recreating a lot of those for my own personal collection. But I’ll share on the dcu all of them.(red death :skull: & nightwing are next)