I’ve always loved comics so I’m writing a paper on it as a subculture! I need YOUR help by telling me your favorite part about comics! Tell me the how you identify other fans and your FAV comic and superhero lingo! Any feelings and thoughts you have on modern day comics!!! All thoughts are welcome!!!


My favorite thing about comics are the collaborative, generational storytelling. Decades of writers and artists working together, and picking up where the last left off.

I identify other fans by seeking out spaces online like this one, or attending conventions.

My all time favorite comic is probably Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. It haunts me to this day.

I really love how the standards for art quality have gotten so high in modern comics. We’re seeing a lot of world class talent in the field right now.


Comics and their “true believers” are the joining in creating a 20th+ century mythology that will stand the test of time. I have no doubt that DC Trinity, & Flash, along with a few Marvel characters will be read (even if it is by archeological evidence) 1000+ years from now. In western culture, you have to go back to the Greco Roman Empire to find this.

While it’s arguable if it will be a mythology looked upon as a religion or a mythology the likes of the Iliad, odyssey, trials of Hercules. Only time will tell. But it is a true mythology none the less. Creators and fans together have made that happen.

Most interesting but is that it wasn’t the intent, it just evolved that way, because stories were good and groups of people connected to them so strongly.


I love the alternate world comics creates. As Hubcity notes, this has been created and redefined over decades. Exploring these worlds and leaning their stories is fascinating to me. I remember reading the JLA/JSA crossover in the 70s when the found Earth X and the Freedom Fighters. I felt like telling everyone, there’s more than two Earths.
The reading experience I’ll tell is Moore’s Swamp Thing run in the 80s. We were living in Germany and I got comics monthly in the mail. I told my wife that she had to see what was happening in the book. Every month as SwampThing and Abbey explore their love, my wife would lay with her head in my lap, looking at the pages of fantastic art as I read the book to her.

Favorite thing about comics is there relatability bringing someone down to something we can relate to like all the good Batman stories were we get to see just how human he is and his villains too like how we could all go insane with just one bad day