I will change the category if there is a better suited place for this.

Is there a reason why there is no option to open draft in the Suggestion Box?

Also, does anyone know when what will be added and removed from DC Universe in December will be released?

Hi, @Pollster. They’re changing how the Suggestion Box works. In the end, there will only be the pinned topics and you’ll have to put your comment in one of those. The exception is the “go ask billing or IT topic,” which is just informative, we won’t be able to post in there. We won’t be able to make new topics in the Box, just comments under the pinned ones. This will help the mods keep track of everything. And, remember, you can DM mods now, too.

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I reserve messaging Mods for individual inquiries or comments. Things that affect others, I believe should be addressed to the Community. If my philosophy about messaging is unproductive or irritating, I would change it.
I ask to make sure I don’t need to “binge” any shows before they leave; and others are probably wondering the same thing.

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Oh, I don’t want you to change anything, just letting you know about the new suggestion box options. I didn’t take a stab at your second question because I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the practice of adding & removing each month is over. I think (again, not sure) that nowadays they’ll only post if something for is being removed. Or added.

You also @ them. Sometimes that will attract them. Here, I’ll do it. :slight_smile: @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell

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Thank you. I know they announce if content is added and removed beforehand, but for “worst-case scenario” if Super Friends is being removed in December, the sooner that is known, the better. I doubt they’ll remove anything, but just in case.