Questions Regarding "Mask of the Phantasm"

I absolutely LOVE this film! But I do have a few questions about it.

How does this fit in with the Animated Series? I know the flashbacks show how he became Batman, but the actual plot with the Phantasm is what I’m referring to. Does it actually affect anything from the animated show?

Speaking of the show, how did it ever address what happened to the Joker? I know there is a comic called “The Phantasm Returns”, but how did the show ever address what happened to Joker and how he came back? Did it even address it at all?

Side question, was there ever an episode that showed Joker falling into the batch of chemicals?

Regardless of the answers, I think this movie is hugely underrated and should be brought up more when talking about the best Batman films.

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Did a little research, checking IMDB and BoxOfficeMojo, and here’s what I’ve found:
*The movie premiered Christmas Day 1993, in the middle of a seven month hiatus in Season 2. While the series never really addresses the events of the movie, and it was made while the series was going, you could place it there, if you really wanted. A lot of other episodes don’t get addressed after the fact, either.

*Joker just–came back. No details on how he got away from Andrea or anything like that. The end of the movie also shows that she made it out alive from the same explosion, so the how is probably best left a mystery, like Bats disappearing so easily or whatever specific object Spider-Man’s web is anchored to for each swing.

*The closest we get to seeing Joker fall into chemicals was during The New Batman Adventures (or New Gotham Adventures, or Gotham Knights, as the final season was sometimes called), when the animation shifted to more closely resemble Superman’s series at the time. In the episode “Beware the Creeper”, there was a reenactment of the incident for Jack Ryder’s report on the Clown Prince of Crime, but Joker’s personal experience is never depicted in the series.
Why, you may ask? Because the series came out shortly after “Batman Returns”, and was kind of a loose adaptation of the two Tim Burton films. This is why Penguin has webbed fingers Catwoman is a blonde, and in one episode, “Dreams in Darkness”, the lead doctor at Arkham mentions Jack Napier, Joker’s identity from the first Burton film, implying that in the cartoon, Mr. J had a clear backstory and everything. [Important Note This is a one-time mention, and is never brought up again. In fact, in “Beware the Creeper”, Ryder mentions that Joker was a member of the Valestra mob, as in “Mask of the Phantasm”, but also says that his identity was “erased”, as if implying he somehow destroyed all traces of his identity before becoming Joker.]

Tangentially related: In the cartoon series, “The Batman”, a stylized flashback shows that Joker falling into chemicals, and it get’s mentioned as what made him who he is in a later episode, but I don’t think they ever mentioned Batman being in/directly responsible.


I heartily agree that Batman: Mask of The Phantasm should be brought up in discussion of the best Batman movies because it is the best Batman movie IMO.


I love B:TAS with all my heart, but Mask of the Phantasm is just kind of… boring? I don’t think that’s quite the right word, but it wasn’t super enjoyable to me. There are some plotholes, some occasionally dodgy animation, and it never really goes anywhere. My opinion, of course. Doesn’t need to be yours.

It is one of a handful of DC Animated movies that falls into the “DCAU”, which has very specific parameters this includes (BTAS, STAS, BB, JL, JLU, static Shock, Mask, Mystery’s of the Batwoman, Subzero, & BB: Return of The Joker)
It is also, sometimes, referred to as the TIMMVERSE.

I will offer a word of caution, if you are talking about any other DC Animated property (series or film) and lump it in with DCAU, some people will get…testy, shall we say.

If you want a label that includes all DC Animated properties, best to call them “DC Animated” or my preference “DCAM” (DC Animated Multiverse)


There is a comic book sequel in Batman & Robin Adventures Annual 1 or 2, shows what happened to the Joker and the return of Arthur Reeves. Hopefully DC will add it to their comic Library. I think it was well done.

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The DC Lego Supervillians level of this is awesome.

One year later, and I’m still hoping for this. Been trying to get back into the Phantasm lore as I consider this amongst the best Batman adaptations out there, and yet the app doesn’t have Shadow of the Phantasm on here. Luckily, they have the Batman Beyond 2.0 arc with Mark of the Phantasm, and the Shadows and Masks crossover, but trying to get into SOTP is like pulling teeth cause of the missing issue. Ugh. Sorry for my ted talk.

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Just finally watched this movie so thanks for this thread haha

Phantasm makes a cameo appearance in the JLU episode ‘Epilogue’.

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Read the word “testy” & almost laugh/sprayed coffee everywhere!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl: Kind of you to give such a… diplomatic warning.:joy: Wish I’d gotten one in the “way back when” years. Some people get vicious with that stuff.
Also, I’m liking the DCAM. Gonna use that one. Very inclusive in a not-getting-your-head-bitten-off-by-surprise-ambush-in-a-comic-book-store sort of way.

Just so we’re clear. Andrea was the assassin Amanda Waller sent to kill Terry McGinnis’ parents. Justice League Unlimited “Epilogue”