Questions for Superman & Lois's Jordan Elsass

Hey guys, it’s Tim Beedle from

I thought I’d try something out here, just to see how it goes. If it works out well, maybe we’ll do this a bit more.

On Friday, May 28, I’ll be interviewing Superman & Lois’s Jordan Elsass (Jonathan Kent) for the DC website…and I’d love to include a few of your questions in my interview. Between now and 4 p.m. PST on Thursday, May 27, if you have any questions you’d like me to ask Jordan, go on ahead and ask them below.

A few quick caveats…

#1 This should go without saying, but the questions should be about Superman & Lois. Not anything else.

#2 I probably will only be able to include a few Community questions, and I can’t promise that your question will be one of them. However, if it is, you’ll get a special thank you at the end of the post.

Remember, this is a interview, not a DC Community Q&A. However, I will post a link to the interview when it’s live! Also, if you’re not up on the latest Superman & Lois, some of the questions asked may include spoilers, so keep that in mind!


This is really cool! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us!

Hey Jordan! Were you a Jon Kent fan before getting this role and how does it feel to play a version of Jon that differs from his comics version?


Considering there are differences between the comic book character and the character you play, did you read any of the comics for research on Jonathan Kent?


This is awesome™:+1:. Thanks for doing it.

Question to Jordan:
As of now it doesn’t seem like Jordan has powers. Do you think he should get some or is better off without them?


Wow! Thank you Tim Beedle for this opportunity. :clark_hv_4:

My question for Jordan is…

How different was it working with a cast on your arm, and were you able to get a lot of signatures?

Thank you. :superman_hv_4:


This is awesome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Normally I ask food related questions such as pineapple on pizza or biscuit related questions :joy::joy: but I will take this one seriously…

How would you like to see your character grow in the future???


Thanks for this, Tim! I’m happy you came to us!

Here’s my question: much of your character arc is framed as the experience of being the son of Superman… but what is it like to be the son of Lois Lane?


If you could have a scene with anyone currently in the Arrowverse who would it be and why???


Hey Jordan. Love all the hard work you guys put into Superman & Lois. It’s my favorite thing on TV, by a wide margin. My question for you:

As an actor would you say is the most important thing to convey about Jonathan in your performance, specifically related to being a member of that very special family?


A lot of praise has come its way to the show such as its more cinematic feel. There have been great directors attached to the series including Arrowverse veterans. My question: If you could pick any director(s) of your choosing to direct an episode who would that be?


What does it feel like being Jon Kent but unlike the comic book version not having powers?


What are your thoughts about the family dynamic and how it will develop? The twins tend to spend most of their screen time together, but what about solo screen time with each parent? How do you think that will develop as Lois and Clark continue to juggle the right balance between their jobs and their kids?


Thanks, everyone! As I said, I won’t be able to include everyone’s question, but I’ll try to include as many as I can. The interview will post on the DC site on Tuesday ahead of next week’s episode and we’ll post the link here in the DC Community when it’s live.

Personally, that next episode can’t get here soon enough. My jaw’s still on the floor from Tuesday’s twist. :astonished:


Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions! I also really hope this experiment works as well as I think it can.


Can’t wait to to read it.

:sweat_smile: Same


Thank you @Beedlejuice for giving us a chance to even ask a question.

My question is if you could have any character good or bad from the 80 plus years of the Superman mythos in the next season of Superman and Lois who would it be?


My question is what does he think of Jon Kent’s relationship overall with Jordan Kent in the show. We’ve seen him both be angry and supportive towards Jordan, it seems he has problems and affection for him. But how would he rate it overall? As a relationship of love or hate?


Oh lol I didn’t read the post completely. I’m too late. :frowning_face:


Thank you for submitting your question, Generalalexander! We’ll have more opportunities like this in the future, and we often have guests in the Community who do live Q&As as well :slight_smile:


My question was probably not picked.