Questions for fellow DCUO players

For those that play or has played the game, I’m curious about some things and so I have questions for you…

  • Are you mainly a hero or villain?
  • Who’s your mentor?
  • Is your character an original creation or inspired?
  • How many characters do you have?
  • What is your main character’s power?
  • Are you in a league?
  • What do you mainly do in the game?
  • Where is your base?
  • Are you a free or premium member?
  • What is your favorite main mission?
  • What is your favorite raid?
  • PvE or PvP?
  • What weapon style do you have?

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I had all 6 mentors. Played through the base game. No league. PvE

Its been a while and trying to get back into it

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Nice. I have a couple of characters but my main character is a gadgets hero mentored by Batman.

I also do PvE. I’m in a league but only because of a friend of mine and only play with him than other members.

I’m currently in the base game but every couple of months I join full membership for 3 months.

-Batman (though I’ve got characters for all mentors)
-Original. It’s fun making my own superheroes, plus it’s more “lore-compliant,” kinda. Not exactly a story-driven game, but I like to be able to get into character a little.
-Don’t really remember. Certainly more than I play.
-Is it weird that I mostly play around in the character designer? That’s weird, isn’t it?
-In the Robert H. Kane Building near the Diamond District Police Station in Gotham. It was the coolest location I could afford.
-Premium, at the moment.
-There’s one mission in Gotham where the Joker’s left a bunch of giant bombs around and you have to get rid of them by throwing them into the water. Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb!
-Honestly, I never really do raids. I don’t play often enough to be good enough to not be a liability.
-PvE all the way. Though Legends PvP is fun on occasion.
-I use hand blasters. Going pew pew is fun!

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Good stuff!

My main character

My main is a hero mentored by Superman, but I’ve played both hero and villain and with all six mentors over the years. My main is mental with handblasters and is an original creation.

Yes, I’m in a league. What I do when I log in really depends on my mood; sometimes I’m aiming to get more Feats, sometimes jumping into instances, sometimes just running open world stuff and chatting with friends. Really the only thing I avoid right now is PVP because it’s in bad shape compared to the good old days.

I’m a member and have been since the beginning of the game. Favorite Raid: Halls of Hades. (I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Main Mission,’ though.)

My main has two bases in Metropolis and two in Gotham, while my fifteen other characters have one each.

I think that answers everything. :slight_smile:

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By main missions, I mean mentor missions like helping Nightwing face Bane or looking for Riddler or teaming with Batman to face Joker

I may change my main character’s power from gadgets to earth next time I sign up for the membership(next month maybe)

I see, TX.

Probably my favorite mentor mission was helping The Flash beat Gorilla Grodd, mostly because it was my first. It set the tone for the whole game for me.

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Yeah that’s a good one

Been a few weeks since i last played, but am I the only one with a villain main?

Oh, and my original character’s mentor is The Joker and uses dual pistols.

You have you’re own WildDog