Question: Would Anyone Else Be Interested in Seeing DC Universe Put the Old Tarzan Series on the Site?

Would anyone else be interested in seeing DC Universe put their old Tarzan series on the site?


Eh, sure.

If they have the reprint rights and they were digitized, that could be fun. If not, that’d be quite the long shot.

never knew they had one

Not available to DC

Tarzan by Joe Kubert
Owned by Dark Horse


Thank you, @TurokSonOfStone1950 ! I had a feeling either Dark Horse or Dynamite might’ve had the license to current Tarzan comics, but not the older ones. There’s some amazing things in those Kubert comics. I might have to pick this up. Thank you so much for linking this!

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That first volume (and only the first) is available on ComiXology Unlimited, for anyone who’s interested.