Question! I feel like I'm missing something

I have two questions about reading services on DCU because I kinda feel like I’m missing something. 1) I love that DCU is taking the time to put together Stories to release each month, such as this month’s “Batman: Knighfall”; but there is so much to read and I have a number of different story arcs and series that I’m currently re-reading and reading for the first time and it is nearly impossible to find the time to enjoy my own personal reading lists AND get around to reading the monthly Stories that I’m interested in before the next month rolls around and those story lists are replaced. Is there any way to go back see the past Story Arcs that are being featured each month? I’ve searched all over the app as well as the website and cannot find the previously featured story arcs once the month they were released in is over? There have been quite a few featured Stories that I was really interested in but I’m a mom and a full-time student and I just don’t have time to read them all in a month. 2) I have noticed that when you create personal reading lists, you have the option to make them either private or public. Does this mean that you can browse and view other user’s reading lists I’d they are marked as “Public”? That’s what it seems to be implying, but I cannot find any way to see reading lists other than the ones that I’ve created myself. Thanks!

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When I’m trying to read a long story arc that involves multiple titles and a large complicated reading order I just Google it, Google is your best friend.

Lol well, thanks for the advice, but I already spend a lot of time doing that. I was hoping to eliminate some of the time I already have to waste Googling story arcs by simply being able to access all the ones that DCU has featured so far. I can definitely figure out a story line on my own when I need to, but it takes time sorting through different reading orders online because you have to eliminate the messed up ones that people have made incorrectly and a lot of times you have different versions of the same reading order to choose from and you have to decide which tie ins you’re going to follow etc. What I’m wanting to know is, if DCU is going to feature certain story arcs each month, can we go back and browse the older ones from previous months. If DCU is taking the time to put together featured stories each month, I’d like to know if they are archiving the older ones from previous months so that they can be searched or browsed through later. And if not, then why aren’t they doing that? I’m sure lots of people would like to be able to go back and have access to all of the featured stories so far.

Hey Charlie! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with the comics, and it’s great to hear those lists have been helpful.

At this time I do not believe oue featured collections are searchable. You’re right, those featurings take a lot of time, and they should be archived! When the office opens tomorrow morning I will check to see if we have a history in place that I can at least refer you to on this thread, and then we can discuss internally the possibility of making them searchable.

As for publically viewing lists, that is functionality we have not yet put in place, but we are working to offer even more robust profiles in the future. Stay tuned!

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Applejack, thanks so much for your response. That completely answers my question! I think it would be interesting to be able to see other people’s “Public” reading lists, but that part of my question was really more of a curiosity than anything. The thing that I was really wanting to know about was the featured collections/stories. I can tell that a lot of time and thought goes into putting those together and as I said, there have been quite a few of them that I would love to go back and read as I get the time to.

I also understand that the DCU app/service is still in it’s “childhood” so to speak, and as a newer service it is still evolving and being developed so I certainly don’t expect it to be perfect. I appreciate the fact that DC is taking the time and effort to respond to the fans and readers and is obviously taking the opinions and suggestions that people are posting into consideration during development. I have yet to see a Community question/request/suggestion go unresponded in a timely manner, and I find that very impressive. So, I just want to let you know that I am extremely pleased with DCU so far and I feel that my subscription fee is absolutely worth every penny!

Currently, I have been saving a “copies” of the featured stories that I have really been interested in reading by saving the issues in the collection to a personal reading list, and that has been an effective stopgap for now. If it is possible, however, to search or browse them now or hopefully in the future, that would really be an amazing timesaver, so thank you for looking into that for me and thanks for your response! It really is appreciated!

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Thanks so much Charlie, your observations and also your understanding mean a lot to the team :blush:

If you don’t mind, I’m going to share your effort to save “copies” with my colleague who creates them, I know it will make them feel really appreciated!

A functionality on the forums that isn’t super obvious, but will help you track this thread when I come back with a response, is the “Bookmark” function- there are three small dots at the top of each post that will expand this option. Once bookmarked, the selected thread will appear on your Community homepage.

Happy reading!


I think reading orders could be a great addition to the encyclopedia.


Oh, btw - try for a fairly comprehensive group of solid reading orders.


@LondlyLobo, is actually my usual go-to for reading orders lol. Fantastic website. I think that you made a very good suggestion there. Reading orders really would be a great addition to the encyclopedia. It would be a very large undertaking, but idealistically, it would be really amazing to have that. @Applejack, as for passing on my comment about making copies of the featured stories, absolutely! Please feel free to share my comments, and also feel free to pass my compliments on to all of your team. They are doing a wonderful job!


Heya Charlie! Apparently, the folks internally here agree with you, because they are working on developing the ability to search for past collections!

We do not yet have an ETA on when this feature will be released, but it is in discussions and on its way to you in the future :slight_smile: Thanks again for checking in, and our master collection-maker definitely appreciated you noticing their work. I believe they said something to the effect of “Preach CharlieSheensDealer, preach!”

Have a great rest of your week, and don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions if they come to mind!



Well, it took me a few to get back with a reply, sry! But thanks for letting me know that searching for past collections is a feature that is currently in the works! That’s great to hear, and very exciting :slight_smile: I will look forward to that in the future.

Also, I wanted to add a quick note in case anyone else is interested in the subject in the meantime: I have discovered that there is a fairly simple “hack” for anyone wanting to “save” featured collections for future reading. If you open the collection that you want to save from your web browser, rather than the app (which I actually do quite a lot because the size and resolution of the screen on my Surface Book is just such a great experience), you can simply bookmark the page and then return to it whenever you’re ready to read it. I did a little test run with several story lists from February, and I can still go back to them quickly and easily :+1:t3: