Question; does anyone know when the 4th new Justice league (2018) comic, will b released on here?

Well the title is really all I wanted to know about at the moment. :woman_shrugging:

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Justice League (2018-present) #4 should be here Tuesday, July 23rd.

#3 was new to DCU this week and as Justice League comes out every other week, that would make the 23rd the date for #4.

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@Vroom ahh thank you sm, I’m glad bds it’s such a good series so far

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You’re welcome, and it is indeed a fun series.

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Hope it’s decent. Justice league 2016 and justice league of America 2017 were both lousy.

@BatWatch I thought the Christopher Priest issues of JL were good.

Glad I’ve finally met someone else who didn’t like JLA in '17. I haven’t read anything by Steve Orlando that I liked. His dialogue in the book was overly dramatic. Every line of dialogue sounded like a prepared speech. No one sounded like a regular person.

@Batwatch I personally haven’t read a comic in a long time but I really like this one. Mostly because I’m one for nostalgia and it reminds me of the og justice league show from when I was a kid :joy: