Question (Alex Jaffe not the character) year one article(s)

Great stuff my man. Since it asked to tell “us” about it in community & I didn’t see a post for it. I just made this one. Tough call on favorite, Batgirl has always been up there, but I’d never read TT’s year one til I got this site & I loved it. Huntress is right there with both those. There’s a few I haven’t read yet so I’ll be getting to those shortly. Everyone else; I’m deciding on Two-Face, Scarecrow & Robin. Which do u think I should do first? Was thinking 2 face & Scarecrow since it’s almost a package deal then Robin, cuz I was gonna do the 3 Robin mini-series anyways. Any opinions or anyway I could read em that fits in with other storylines? I prefer to read things in volumes, so if any of those fit into a collected order or storyline I’d appreciate it if u could point me that way.

I’d recommend reading these in the following order:


The others can be read however you like.

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Ok, I’ve read all those except Robin. I’ll probably reread them tho just to read Robin from that perspective. Two-Face & Scarecrow were only ones I’d never read b/c I was gonna see if they were ever included in any storylines or collections. You said they were oftentimes packaged together, so I’ll just read those 2 back to back then reread the others with Robin in the order u just laid out. Great articles btw got me excited to read & reread em’. It’s been a long time so I’m ready for em again.