Question about Trigon

So, here is a question I have regarding Trigon. Does he actually come from Hell and is a ruler of Hell or possibly the one true ruler of Hell?

Or did he originate from a dimension that is similar to Hell but technically isn’t? Because reading the old Teen Titans comics, thats what it seems like. Like how the dimension Raven’s mom currently rrsides is just one of many different dimensions within the DC universe

Or is this a Hellraiser situation. Where the Cenobites were originally meant to come from a dimension technically separate from Hell but later installments just ended up making their dimension Hell in order to simplify things for the audience?

It’s not at all consistent, to be honest. Originally it was a hell-like dimension, but other writers since then have gone back and forth on the issue. Personally I defer to Marv Wolfman’s primary origin as the great ruler of a hellish plane that isn’t the literal Hell.

Thats what I usually interpret as. But I heard Bizarro killed Trigon and became THE ruler of Hell. So naturally, this raises a lot of questions from me. Especially someone who usually keeps up with characters like John Constantine and JLD

Yeah, that happened in Red Hood and the Outlaws but… Lobdell’s RHATO doesn’t really interface much with the rest of continuity, despite ostensibly being in it. Now that his run is over, don’t be surprised if that plot point is never picked up again.