Question About the Rebirth Era Justice League/Justice League of America

So as I finish up reading the new 52 and will start reading rebirth I was wondering if the rebirth justice league and justice league of America was even worth reading? I’ve not heard anything good about it and it seems nothing important came out of those series. I know Steve Orlando isn’t a good writer and has yet to write anything I consider worth reading. I don’t recall Hitch being any better. I know Christopher Preist takes over near the end of the justice league rebirth run but it’s not many issues so I don’t know if it’s even worth reading. I do plan on reading Snyder’s justice league and his events (no justice, metal, death metal) and I do plan on reading justice league odyssey and maybe dark. Also let me know what you think of Dark and odyssey. Thanks!


I really didn’t get much out of Hitch’s JL run. The whole thing was mostly 1 universe- or reality-ending event after another, and the constant high stakes just grew numb on me pretty quickly. The 1 issue of his I did love was #14, which was a one-off where the team was trapped during a mission and just got to talk things out, and I really appreciated the refreshing low-stakes, character-driven moments there

I also didn’t get a ton out of Rebirth JLA, though it certainly did have an interesting lineup. I don’t think Orlando’s a bad writer, but I also don’t think he’s great so this was just kinda middling. It also suffered from some pretty bad art not long into its run, which especially sucked considering they started off so strong w/ Ivan Reis in the 1st couple issues. If that lineup of characters looks intriguing to you then it may be worth checking out

So even though I wasn’t a fan of Hitch’s JL run, Priest’s relatively brief run was definitely way better, even though it took me a while to truly appreciate it. His writing style is certainly an acquired taste and may require more than 1 read, but it’s worth checking out. Priest really lowers the stakes from Hitch and simply focuses on the League helping out w/ smaller but still very important problems on Earth, including political ones. It’s a welcome change of pace before Snyder took over and ramped things back up to the highest stakes again, though at least Snyder’s a much better writer than Hitch

As for Dark and Odyssey, Dark was definitely a really solid book overall and Odyssey started off promising but ultimately lost me before long. I’d definitely recommend the former more

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Considering Rebirth kind of gets abandoned…

Don’t let what other people say influence what you read. If you genuinely want to read something, then read it. :slight_smile:

As for the “importance” of the Rebirth-era JL books, that depends on your own tastes, I feel.

As a massive Lobo fan, I really enjoyed seeing him in Justice League of America.

As a massive fan of time travel stories, I enjoyed Hitch’s focus on them in Justice League.

For me, I don’t let the importance of something necessarily influence me on whether or not to read it.

I’m not anal-retentive about continuity. I don’t worry about the influence one thing may have on another thing.

My concern above all is a quality story that interests me. If I think something looks good, I’ll read it.

Don’t worry about what other people say or the influence/importance something may or may not have in the grand scheme of things.

Read what you like and have fun with it, as that is the true priority we should all have.

Well there are lots of stories that are just filler and feel like waste so I’m trying to avoid those

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Which is understandable. But to discover/wade past those, you have to read 'em first. :wink: