Question about Superboy

So I have been catching up on Young Justice and am now at season 3 episode 6 I think. And I also have Reign of the Supermen on Blu Ray. So my question is why are two different Superboys? Even though they have the same name, Conner, they are different. Thanks.

They’re completely different universes. Young Justice and the DCAMU (which Reign of the Supermen is part of) are not connected.


The Young Justice series is set in a different universe than that of the regular comic books.

To make it more confusing The Young Justice series by Peter David in our library has nothing to do with the television series. There is a new Young Justice title now being published which may or may not appear in our library several months from now.

And this Friday, a third Conner will appear in the show Titans.

And until around 1986, the character named Superboy was a teen aged Clark Kent, who appeared in his own title, Adventure Comic and was a member of the Legion of Super Heroes.

In the Superman 2016, the Superboy there was Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, who will mainly be appearing in the new Legion of Super Heroes. Previously he was in.Super Sons, with the Damien Wayne Robin, in our library.

Superboy in the movie you saw mainly has telekentic powers, like Miss Martian, which mimics Super Strength, Flying and Invulnerability.

Superboy in DC Universe has the powers of the early Superman, with no flying or heat vision.

Both are clones of Superman and Lex Luther.


I’m a reborn comic book fan so I did not know all that. Thank you. And I’m also aware that he is coming to Titans and I’m up to episode four on that which I haven’t watched yet.

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This Superboy was originally more like what you saw in Reign of the Supermen. He meant well, but was immature and a bit of a showboat. He had precisely zero angst about being a clone. This lasted for many years. Geoff Johns took over writing, and Superboy became a stereotypical angsty, angry teen, and went from making jokes about being a clone to angsting hard about it. This total personality shift occurred suddenly and without exlpanation. Johns also randomly had Superboy retconned as half Lex Luthor, and had Luthor suddenly be the secret head of Cadmus, which contradicted many years of established continuity, including Luthor’s own thought bubbles (apparently, he was keeping it a secret, even from himself). Like many of Johns’s other retcons, it was quickly and widely promoted throughout as many DC properties as possible. Personally, I prefer the classic Superboy, but he’s mostly been superseded by Johns’s vision for the character.

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