Question about reading Scott Snyder’s JL and metal events

So after I end up reading the rest of the GL books I’ve been thinking of reading Scott Snyder’s JL and his metal/ death metal events. I know to read no Justice before reading his JL run. Is there anything else I should read first? I had thought about reading the new 52 justice league and the forever evil first. I had heard Bryan hitch’s JL wasn’t any good so I was thinking of just skipping all the rebirth era JL books before Snyder’s run unless there is a reason I needed to read them. Your suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks!


I honestly don’t know, but I hope you get an answer soon!

Metal comes before Justice League: No Justice. Then there’s Snyder’s Justice League run. I’d also read, The Batman Who Laughs series, Flash Forward and Year of The Villian: Hell Arisin before reading Death Metal.

You don’t really have to read the Rebirth Justice League run for anything. But there are some Death Metal tie-in Justice League issues post Snyder’s run.

Also the New 52 Justice League run is mixed but I enjoy it for what it was!


I’d say his run on Batman. Stuff happens in Metal that was set up waaay back during his initial run with the Bat.


New 52 JL isn’t required for Snyder’s stuff, but I’d still recommend it in general. Just a fantastic run all around, especially at the end w/ Darkseid War

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