Question about Lois and Clark ages and Stargirl in Doomsday Clock 12

  1. in last few page, News say Wonder Woman with JSA in WWII, shouldn’t both Lois and Clark are 80 years old by now? unless change to the Year 1999.

  2. I saw Stargirl with other Heroes to help Superman to fight Super villains. but, Stargirl still with JLA and Titans in Mars? thanks.


DC Comics is rewriting its time line

Based manly from reports from web site Bleeding Cool

Here is a Topic that is relevant from.some months ago.

Basically there will be five generatios of super heroes.

Like in the movies, Wondet.Woman is immortal and is the first super hero to appear in the 1940s She helps create the Justice Society. She returns to Themyscira when the Atom Bomb is used against Japan. She returns later to found the Justice League.

Superman and Batman are born during the first generation.making them very old but represent the second generation

As for Statgirl

Prior ito 2011 pre New 52
She was a member of the Justice Society of America.

In New 52 which is no konger canon but a separate world:
There was never a Justice Society
She was a member of the Justice League of America along with Martian Manhunter Vibe Catwoman.etc

She never was a titan. Revisuon.I think you mean in a earlier issue she appeared. The easiest explanation is a reboot of the universe. The version you saw was the new 52 version. New 52 is now its own universe as of final issue.

She appeated as a Justice Society member
In Smallville in current times
Im Legends of Tomorrow in the 1940s.