Question about how to watch Superman movies

I have been planning to watch all the original 4 Superman movies, but i know there are Extended Cuts on few of them. Which should i watch if i haven’t seen any of the movies?


Superman: The Movie and Superman II are the movies with alternate cuts that are readily available at this time.

Start with the theatrical cuts of each, then view the alternate editions. That way you’ll understand the differences between the two and the contexts of said differences.


I would only watch the Donner versions for 1 & 2 especially for Superman 2. @Vroom makes a good point to watch theatrical cuts first so you can appreciate the Donner versions.

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Are the versions on here the theatrical cuts?

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@biff They are the theatrical versions.

I don’t see how someone could fully enjoy the Donner Cut of II without having seen the theatrical version of it first.

The entire existence of the DC is predicated upon having already seen Lester’s version. You can’t say “Well, that was better or that was an interesting idea on Donner’s part.” if you don’t know the foundation upon which Donner based his cut from and what he originally wanted the movie to be.

There’s also a TV cut of Superman III, but that has yet to be released on home video.


Shoot, I’ve never seen the Donner cuts! And I guess I won’t anytime soon. Does the TV cut of III have less suck?

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Thanks for the answers! Just saw Superman The Movie, really enjoyed it!


Watch the original Superman and the Donner cut of Superman II and then stop. Trust me, that’s a rabbit hole you DON’T want to go down.

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@biff No idea on the TV cut of III as I’ve not seen it, rather I’ve only read about it. If it has more of Brad, then Survey Says no on less suck.


Just seen Superman II, great movie as well!

Now, should i watch the extended versions of I and II before i watch III and IV?

I’d watch III and IV, then the alternate cuts of STM and II so that you can re-experience great Superman movies but in a new way.

III is a fun jumble and IV really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Could both movies stand to be alot better by leaps and bounds? Absolutely, of course they could. They’re still fun escapist fare though IMO.

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Seen Superman III now, really weird compared to the first two, didn’t enjoy it as much sadly

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Yeah III is my least favorite and I think I’ve only watched it twice. I agree with @vroom about 4 it isn’t as bad as some ppl make it out to be. I think if a modern version of this was made today or an animated version it wold be cool to see.

Just seen Superman IV. The movies are supposed to leave DCU July 1, so i started watching them at a perfect time

1 - 8/10
2- 8/10
3- 6/10
4. 7/10