Question about Hill House Comics

Does anyone here know if they’re ongoing or limited series? I can’t tell and I can’t find any information about it online.

If I had to wager a guess? Limited series. But I don’t know. It might be like the Wonder Comics where they’re all limited but it’s not in the solicitations or covers.

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@Batwing52 Thanks. I was guessing limited too based on the nature of the stories, but I wasn’t certain because it wasn’t in the solicitations. Nice to know that other recent limited series have had solicitations that don’t mention that they’re limited. That probably means they’re limited.

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One way or the other, super excited for these books. So much to read, so little time… I feel like that guy from Twilight Zone. Well, you know, pre-nuclear apocalypse.


@Batwing52 Just make sure not to break your glasses.

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