Question about Dark Nights: Metal

Are the tie-ins worth it? I really want to read the book. Comixology has all of the volumes for $6 each, though I prefer to have the physical editions. Though I’m not dropping $20-30 per volume. So I’m torn whether to just buy a physical copy of the main comic or just buy all of them digitally for about the same price.

So, are the tie ins worth reading? Which ones are the best? Or should I just stick with the main comic?

The Dark Days: The Road to Metal is essential because it has the prelude issues. Dark Knights Rising has the origins for the Dark Knights, which you can easily look up online. Resistance has the Teen Titans/Nightwing/Suicide Squad crossover as well as the JL/Flash/GLC/Wonder Woman crossover. None of these tie ins are essential, but I recommend them just because they’re investing. At $6 each, it’s a steal.

I actually just went ahead and bought the Dark Nights: Metal hardcover. I’m loving it so far, but I’m only in the second issue. I can see where they are referencing at least one of the prelude issues. I might go ahead and buy the tie ins on Comixology before the sale is over. Though i don’t know. If I get confused while reading it I might just look up what happened in the preludes.

But yeah, I’m loving it. The story is a bit out there (though it’s nice that the characters comment on how crazy it is) but I’m loving all the throwbacks to older DC. And it has an epic feel to it already.

I definitely think most of the tie ins are worth it. The Gotham Resistance stuff with Nightwing is quite interesting, especially if you are a fan. Each of the Dark Nights Batman books were very good. I liked some more than others but in the end I like the whole series, tie ins and all, so much I purchased the hardcover specials.