Question about Crisis

Are the titans in arrowvese crisis on infinite earths? If so I want to remind everyone in doom patrol episode 2 when cyborg pulls up the multiverse. Because of the donkey… Because that seems like a huge little Easter egg that nobody is talking about and I just had to share.

They’re not confirmed to appear, though there have been rumors they might, and if they do, it’ll likely be a short cameo. W/ the insane amount of characters and worlds Crisis is gonna visit, I can’t imagine they’d have much time at all to show the Titans

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Word is most of the guest stars we are hearing about are going to just be cameo’s which makes sense. Keep hearing mixed things about Titans but agree, if they show up at all likely be a quick cameo probably something they could have filmed during filming the Titans season.

The one problem I would see with any DCU show (except Swamp Thing) having even a cameo, is if they keep true to the ending of the comic Crisis, and combine all the earths, then it would mean going forward the earth’s would need to be set in the Arrowverse. (Well not need to, but fans would complain a lot. Sadly a lot of fans care more about continuity then if something is good and would not be able to just enjoy seeing them on an Arrowverse show and not read into it). So that would be a problem, although while I can’t see it happening a Swamp Thing cameo could work in that nature, kind of be an in joke to it’s cancellation.

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They could show Swampy and his world get wiped out sort of like what happened to Earth - 2 at the end of Arrow’s season premiere.

It’s extremely unlikely, but a Doom Patrol cameo would be funny. I could see it happening something like this: Either Team Flash or the Legends are opening portals looking for something, and a portal opens up showing the Doom Patrol characters. The two groups awkwardly look at each other and Robot Man starts to say “What the…” but the portal closes and cuts off his signature phrase.

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Well thanks for the replies and ideas at least it’s something fun to think about