question about Beast Boy in Titans series

Is Beast Boy ever going to change into something else besides a tiger it’s getting a little old Beast Boy shape-shift into almost any animal so why isn’t he being done that way

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They are probably writing an exposition for him to turn into other animals. Otherwise, if there is no explanation for him (for instance) turning into a wolf, then fans will wonder why he didn’t turn into a wolf for season one. Plus, the CGI department will then have to create the transitions and apply same work with the tiger with other animals.

So, to answer your question, I think it depends on the financial success of Titans Season 1 in order to determine if that work should be integrated.

Dr. Niles Caulder said he’s transforming into a tiger b/c it’s subliminally his favorite animal. His powers are new & once he fully understands how to control them I’m sure he’ll branch out to other animals.

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What DJ said. The important thing to remember when looking at Titans is that everyone is “new” Like, Dick is the only one who is semi-baked so to speak, but he’s no Nightwing yet, Starfire has amnesia, so she doesn’t even understand what she is much less what she can do, and both Raven & Beastboy are only just starting to come into their powers. If season 2 happens they’ll finish developing them into something more along the lines of what we are used to.


It will most likely depends on finances. Money is needed to make realistic (not crappy looking) CGI. So far they’ve only only managed to bring a tiger CGI into the show. Hopefully we will see others in the future.


Thanks for the agreement. I agree with what u said too. It’s been character development season 1, b/c some people are just getting to know these characters period. It’s paced so well that people who are new to DC; Titans etc. can learn these characters. While lifers can enjoy watching the development cuz they know the characters, plus look for easter eggs & inside joke-type things. It worked if u watched the show live or if someone started today. Either way, it was great for lifers like me & for someone who’s never heard of the Titans b4. Pretty tough to do to keep both camps happy, mark of a great show.