Question About A Character in Justice League Dark {Spoilers For Issue 21}

So Tuesday my digital subscription for Justice League Dark renewed and Wednesday I got the latest issue. Finished reading it (AMAZING) and at the end of it, a guy who I’m assuming is Abby Arcanes brother (Arcane doesn’t seem like a common last name) appears. Looking into it (i.e Google search), Anton is not a new character. Going forward, should I learn anything about Anton before I jump into JLD’s next issue?

Side note: Zatanna costume in this series is amazing and I hope it stays for all eternity (or until Flash decides that today might be a good day to @#$! with the timeline)

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Hey @C0micB00ks, Anton Arcane is a super interesting character! I’m so glad that Justice League Dark sparked this fascination who he is.

If you want to learn more about him, I’d suggest checking out our encyclopedia entry on him. It’s an awesome place to find information about his history, character, and even essential storylines.


Definitely dive in. Anton is worth knowing. Everything listed in the encyclopedia here are good intros, as @ZatannaAndHerSpells mentioned. I enjoyed Swamp Things New52 run quite a bit. :+1:t3: Covers a lot.
Also love JLD, but I’m a couple issues behind sooo… :shushing_face: (backs out slowly, fading into the shadows)