Quarantine Recommendations? LF Justice League, Superman, The Flash, Batman

Anyone recommend anything worth reading from the ones I tagged? I mean the general character/team, not those series/recent. Just looking for anything from those that are older arcs worth reading.

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Personally, I’ve been getting back into some of the nineties’ Legends of the Dark Knight. I’ve championed this series before, and I will continue to do so. Besides that, I’d recommend DC: New Frontier if you haven’t checked it out yet, and if you’re looking for Superman stories, then I’d recommend taking a couple days and binging through every Superman origin, ie Byrne’s Man of Steel, Johns’s Secret Origin, Loeb’s For All Seasons, etc.

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We’ve got a couple of topics going for quarantine specific recs, you might find something here you’re drawn to:

There’s also tons of Fan Club discussions, they have dedicated recommendations you can follow along in a discussion with; World of Bats Club is reading White Knight this week, for one:


Hope this helps!

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This is more a generalized list for new DC Readers.

There are two lists
13 older comic book.recommendation that are readable

54 arcs that cover most of the characters within DC

The 54 recommendations contain

Batman 3
Superman 3
Flash 1
Justice League 6


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Here are a few that come to mind

All Star Superman
Batman by Scott Snyder
Swamp Thing Original Series by Lein Wein
Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore
Superman For All Seasons
Robin Year One
Batgirl Year One
Green Arrow by Mike Grell
Batman Year One/The Long Halloween/Dark Victory

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I started a post NML reading of Batman (beginning with Batman 575 and Detective 742) I started with Batman and read up to the first crossover (Officer Down) and then went to Detective. My plan is to jump back and forth until I catch up to the War Games crossover. I’m picking that point specifically because I’ve also started reading the Ed Brubaker Catwoman series for the first time, which I love and joins that crossover.

Coincidentally (probably on purpose) Superman also had a good jumping on point at that time when Jeph Loeb joined the title beginning with Superman #151. I’ve started reading from there and plan to continue on again jumping back and forth with crossovers. Sadly, unlike Batman, not all of the issues from that era have been converted to digital.

Should keep me busy for awhile.

Thanks everyone!! I didn’t know people commented, I got no notification and I appreciate your inputs!!!

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1990s JLI/JLA/JLE, but it’s still difficult to follow the crossovers, especially when you consider stories like Green Lantern/Guy Gardner and then the Death of Superman all tied directly into the storylines. Continuity was tight in those days. But still, well worth the effort.

Dive into the Byrne/Wolfman/Jurgens/Ordway run of Superman from the late '80’s and '90’s and also immerse yourself in Mark Waid’s Wally West/Flash run. Great comics that combine grand action with soulful characterizations.

Superman: Secret Origin is a fantastic read! Highly recommended!