Q: Have Bette Kane & Barbara Gordon ever met?

Does anyone know of a story where Bette Kane & Barbara Gordon meet each other & interact? I am especially interested in if any of these stories are pre-crisis when Bette would have history as “Bat-Girl”. I know that Barbara met original Batwoman a few times in Batman Family, & I know that Bette returned in Titans for a few issues resuming her Bat-Girl persona while Barbs was also active & more well known as Batgirl. Did they ever meet up? Team up? Clash?

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It may have happened if Batman Family would have continued, but the closest we got was issue #16, where Babs watches Bette fighting a criminal on TV and then later apprehends said criminal with the help of Robin: https://www.dcuniverse.com/comics/book/batman-family-1975-1978-16/f775d5ab-457d-4da3-bc55-01b3caf6216d/reader

They also both attended Bruce Wayne’s funeral in “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”, but they don’t interact.


Minor spoiler in detective 1000 they meet. It’s quite comical.