Putting the New Shows announcement into perspective

Wasn’t sure I was going to post this, since I think most won’t see it with the forum temporarily going down. But what the hey thought it was worth posting.

A lot including myself were dissapointed that we didn’t get more announced at New York Comic Con then we did. I was because I was hoping for another Titans, Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing like original. And despiute Warner saying DCU would operate after HBO Max a lot of outlets are insistent that DCU is going to go away and fold all of it into HBO Max. An assumption few are making with Boomerang, Cinemax streaming (whatever it is called), Crunchyroll, CW Seed and whatever other services Warner owns which kind of makes me feel like people are just centering it out either because they want it to fail… or because they want it to combine so they don’t have to pay for both). And an announcement of something in the Titans Universe, a blue Devil Series, Season 3 of Krypton or the like would have likely silenced the last of the doomsdayers. The Bizarro TV and Fan created show both sound great, but probably won’t have the same effect as if Hawk and Dove got a show or something.

And then there are those that think DCU is not getting enough TV series, although not quite one of those.

But after having time to think about it, I came to some conclusions that put it into perpective.

With the series already aired or that we know about (Titans, Doom Patrol, Young Justice, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn, and Stargirl) as well as the Bizarro TV (not sure of the format but it seems it will be a 30 minute or hour long show with several short form segments. So I would call that an original show), and the fan show that has yet to be specific due to the nature of it, but it still a show that will be out on DCU. We now know DC by the end of next year will have 8 original series have aired on it… 9 if you want to include DC Universe.

CBS All-Access… which despite everyone wanting to compare DCU to Disney+, All Access in terms of size and to an extent making most their subs of Star Trek is probably more comprabale and a niche service.

It has has 11 original shows as far as I see. That is not 11 shows going on right now, a couple have been cancelled (for anyone who wants to say Swamp Thing should not be included for this cmparison). And 1 (Picard) that has not started yet. It also has a short form Trek series full of less then 20 minute episodes. So even if Bizarro TV is not full episode length it would compare to that.

All-Access has been around for just over 5 years. So DCU will by 2 years time have aired only 2 shows less then All-Access a channel with (presumably) more subscribers or at least a comprabale number if nothing else has had in 5 years. And other niche services for the most part don’t even have as many as we have announced now. I am pretty sure Crunchyroll doesn’t have that many originals. Boomerange, another more comprabale niche service has been around longer and has 1… sort of. ConTV a service for comic and sci-fi fans started in 2015 and also doesn’t have as many original shows as we will have by the end of 2020, hell I don’t think it has that many now.

And even Disney+ while yeah will have more original shows, it damn well better for what it is, as far as comic book related shows (because how many fans of DCU as a whole will care about a Lizzy McGuire reboor or a High School musical series… not the same target demo). As far as Marvel related shows Disney+ I am not sure even by 2020 will have as many Marvel shows as we will have shows on DCU, and that is assuming DCU doesn’t announce more later. And the Marvel shows are shorter seasons to boot.

The truth is for a niche service like this it is impressive we have so many original shows. And while all of us hope for more. What we got is nothing to sneeze at. DCU will never have as many original shows as sites competing with Netflix will have, as DCU is not trying to compete with major services. For a niche service 8 shows and counting having dropped or confirmed is a pretty big deal.

Also, I doubt the fan created one or Bizarro TV, which will both debut after HBO Max launches would really be suited for a more general audience service like HBO Max, so speaks well for the future of DCU.

Again, not trying to discredit those who were underwhelmed, but thought I would at least offer food for thought… to anyone who will see this in the next two days. :wink:


Well written and researched. Maybe the last great gem of COmmunity 1.0!


@DTMO1 Well said. To be honest though, I’m a DC fan that cares about Mizzy LcGuire. Mannah Hontana too. Nah, I kid. I’m all about Nina Vermont and Adult School Revue: The One Act in One Setting Play.

For a niche service, I think DCU has a great track record of original content production.

Some people seem to forget that DCU is a niche, fan-oriented service. It’s not intended to be on the level of Netflix and the like. Of course, nobody will be disappointed if DCU should eventually ascend to Netflix’s level of prominence, as that too would be great.

That said, I’d be surprised if Netflix, Prime and the others cranked out four shows in less than a year when they began original content production the way DCU (via the resources of Warner Brothers Television and WB Animation) did prior to their own one year annversary.

I’m eager for Harley Quinn, Stargirl, BizarroTV, whatever show(s) come out of DC You and whatever else comes along.

DCU is, to paraphrase Martha Stewart, “A wonderful thing.”.


@Vroom I am going off of memory but if I remember right Netflix within the first year of original programming only had Lillihammer (probably spelled that wrong), Hemlock Grove and House of Cards. Obviously they were testing the waters then, but still not to shabby compared to here. I doubt DCU will ever have 30 original shows (well, airing in the same year, may total 30 someday but like I said channels that have been putting out original programming for years longer then DCU have yet to hit that mark), but for a service no bigger then this one year in it is impressive how many original shows they have. And all but one so far has reached a season 2.