Hey. Anyone know if there is any other mention of punchline in the comics before her appearances are officially released? I’m looking to see if she has anything else. I’d like to learn about her before I start to judge her too quickly. :joy::joy:


No. This is her first appearance.


So is she just simply a replacement emotional handbag for the joker? Bc thats WEAK as hell. :joy::joy:

No, she’s like a serial killer who is now Joker’s girlfriend. This one isn’t an emotional punching bag as far as I know.


We do not know if Joker and Punchline are actually in a relationship at this point in time either. It has not been specifically stated. Just assumed since his last henchman was his girlfriend. She really could just be a henchman and nothing more.

I believe Tynion IV or Snyder releases information on her. But I’m not sure. I’ll have to check.


I really love her look compared to Harley. Badass clown looking girl. Can’t wait to see what she’s like :harleyquinn_hqas:

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Yeah they’ve really given her a whole different angle than Harley Quinn. It’s not like Tynion wrote this thinking he could use Harley, found out from editors that he couldn’t, and then quickly cranked out a new clown gf/henchgirl