Punchline to Get Her Own 48-Page One-Shot in November

Co-written by James Tynion IV and Sam Johns (who has done stories for DC’s Crimes of Passion as well as James Tynion’s new magazine Razorblades) and drawn by Mirka Andolfo (DC’s Bombshells, Un/Sacred), it will focus on Leslie Thompkins, Harper and Cullen Row discovering Punchline’s (real name Alexis Kaye) past and how she was radicalized by The Joker’s ideology, as well as hint as to her future in the DCU post Joker War.


Sounds like what a certain other Joker sidekick got once upon a time. Hmmmmmmmmm…

Seriously though, I’m not trying to be one of those “Punchline is just a Harley Quinn knockoff” people, but DC’s making it difficult.

I’m sure we will the further along Joker War we get. Tynion in interviews said an interesting thing about his interpretation of the difference between Harley and Punchline: Harley fell in love with The Joker because she believed there was a good man in him, and Punchline knows for a fact that there isn’t and loves him because of that.

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How has the reaction to her been? Do people actually like the character that much? So far I’m indifferent; I’m not getting the appeal. I could be wrong, but the hype around her feels more manufactured than usual.

I’m curious about this. I’ve liked Punchline so far. I’m just nervous for Harper, Cullen and Leslie. I hope we don’t lose one of them to further Punchline’s character.

I also like how now that Joker has Punchline, Harley doesn’t need to go back to him. I’m all for a new Joker sidekick because that means Harley has room to grow into her own. (Hopefully with Ivy)

I think at the very least a lot of people like her look (she was being cosplayed before she officially debuted in a comic) and her potential.

I doubt that they’ll be harmed – Tynion has talked about using Harper again a few times, and I don’t think he would talk them up if he was just going to bring them back for a one-shot and kill them off.

Also, considering that Tynion is in the LGBT community and Harper and Cullen are some of the few canon characters in that community, I don’t think Tynion would kill them off so flippantly.

That’s another good point! That is, until Punchline gets so popular that she separates from Joker and becomes her own character. :laughing: