Punchline and collecting comic books

Did I miss something? I know Punchline is Joker’s new girlfriend/sidekick and that she had a cameo on one panel of Batman # 89 and had her first appearance in Hell Arisen # 3 that was released on Wednesday. So it’s sold out everywhere and can only be found on ebay for between $50 -$100… these books literally just came out and no one knows anything about the character, so how is it possible these books are already selling at these prices for a character literally no one knows anything about unless they were lucky enough to get a copy to read it?.. Also she’s on one panel and it’s selling for $50, seriously?.. I guess I’m just confused and sick of missing out on what may be a cool story and issues I’d like to have in my collection but apparently the hype created for the character had everyone buying copies just so they could sell them, and I refuse to buy a book that just came out for $50 - $100, just sad that it’s all about money these days, it makes me want to hope she’s a terrible character and people lose $ by trying to make a profit off of real fans, how sad is that?

Welcome to the world of speculation based comic book collecting.

It’s also why I had to go to eBay to get Flash 88. I’ve got 1-87, but because I didn’t go the day it came out I missed out. Folks are selling copies for 15-30 bucks for the first glimpse of Paradox that probably didn’t read Flash Year One at all. Same with folks preordering Supergirl 42. Hard to get copies. Just crazy. I think Batman 92 is probably going to be just as nuts.