Psychology of Supervillains Watchalong 7 Mar 6PM/9PM PT/ET-Harley Quinn: The Animated Series

Join the Psychology of Supervillains club in the weekly watchalong of Harley Quinn as we explore the relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

  • Episode 13, Season 1 - The Final Joke
    Start time: 6PM/9PM PT/ET
  • Episode 1, Season 2 - New Gotham
    Start time: 6:30PM/9:30PM PT/ET
  • Episode 2, Season 2 - Riddle U
    Start time: 7:00PM/10:00PM PT/ET

I prefer to assume most are familiar with watch-along standards and practices, but in the event of one’s first time:

  • With video no longer on the service, you will need an active subscription to HBO Max or your own legally purchased copy (if available) to access Harley Quinn: The Animated Series.
  • Watch Everything Skip Nothing - start at the very top from the logo (WB, DCU, etc) and just let it play. This is to keep everyone as in sync as possible.
  • Punctuality is preferred - we start at the strike of the hour, so late arrivals or after resolving any connection issues you can estimate where the audience is by checking the minute; for example, if it’s 6:15pm PST, then we are 15 minutes into the show.
  • Best with two (2) devices - one to watch what is to be watched along and one for reading/posting the associated thread (this one).
  • Any questions can be directed to myself, @DeSade-acolyte or the mod(erator)(s) of your choice.

2 hours 38 minutes and counting.

sixty-one minutes

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watch that device clock!

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i kind of like military joker

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It’s comics…we know she’s not really dead for long.

Straight out of Death in the Fsmily, I think

Her old suit is cold

I always think the west side story knife fight music is needed.

season 2 at half past

I had assumed Ivy would return when they buried her. she’s part plant, the green yaddayaddayadda…

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Yeah, ivy coming back wasn’t a surprise I was wondering if they do it in last episode of 1sr season or 1st episode of season two.

And the scene at the grave and how they talk after she’s back about the tear especially. They are so much more connected than just BFFs.

And now for season 2, ivy figures out denial aunt a river in Egypt.

Refrigeration and free trade​:rofl:

I identify as a hench

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Who was quote like the penguin.

Babe and the coffee machine. So on point.

Damien is such a putz

Wonder Woman is very litigious, trust me.

Psycho is the best.


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