Psychology of Supervillains - Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity

In association with That Black Label Life and Harley’s Crew, The Psychology Of Supervillians Club presents Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity.

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In Gotham City, where heinous acts of violence are a daily occurrence, the GCPD relies on Harley Quinn, a young forensic psychiatrist and profiler, to consult on their toughest cases. But Harley is haunted by one case in particular—when she found herself at the center of a horrifying crime scene the night she discovered the body of her roommate, left with the signature of a notorious serial killer—The Joker. :rotating_light: 17+ Mature Readers

:diamonds: Discussion Quesions can be found :point_right: HERE. And now…

This club will be discussing darker aspects and elements within the DC Universe. These aspects and elements could be viewed as overtly violent, malevolent and possibly offensive to some.

  • We acknowledge that we are not mental health professionals, and are not able to provide any diagnosis or guidance in this regard.
  • This thread does not suggest or support any mental health diagnosis or any guidance of or for people in the real world. We are dealing with purely fictional characters within fictional worlds.
  • Supervillains are potentially driven by deep seated and often dark or disturbing concepts of what they feel is the right thing to do and why the villain is the hero of their own story.
  • We will explore if the supervillain is actually correct in their views and actions, are they justified in what they do and potentially would their fictional worlds be better off if they actually did win and defeat the hero.

The club gives this warning because some may find such discussions disturbing, distasteful, and/or possibly immoral and we want the community to be well aware of what the contents of these discussions can involve.

The Ground Rules: ( Yes…even villainy has to follow a few rules . Don’t take my word for it…Go ask The Legion Of Doom or The Crime Syndicate, they have rules too.) First and foremost: Posts MUST follow DC Universe Community Guidelines. No exceptions.

  • This is a “safe space” to explore a sometimes taboo topic…villainy. Why it’s necessary and possibly why villains are often more interesting than the heroes that oppose them.
  • Be respectful of the opinions of others. Did I mention thatPosts must follow DC Universe Community Guidelines
  • There is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” opinion here.
  • The views expressed are the opinions of the poster and deserve to be acknowledged as a valid opinion, even if you might disagree and debate items. What does that mean? Posts must follow DC Universe Community Guidelines
  • We are dealing with the intricacies of the mind. The one thing we do know is that we can never be ultimately sure what is actually going on in the mind of a supervillian.
  • However, we can conjecture based on what we do know about them and form our own points of view on what makes them tick and have blast while doing it.
  • In case you missed it the 3 times earlier…Posts must follow DC Universe Community Guidelines

Don’t be afraid to be bold, to challenge the status quo, to think in unique ways and be outspoken. Their is no “right” or “wrong” point of view here. There is what we each find in delving beneath the surface and into the mind of our featured Supervillian.

Most importantly, have fun. Enjoy your process. Revel in it. Don’t be afraid to let some of your “evil” out. We’ve all got a bit of it in us somewhere. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t find villains interesting, now would we. :smiling_imp:

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Reminder: Posts must follow DC Universe Community Guidelines

In Gotham City, where heinous acts of violence are a daily occurrence, the GCPD relies on Harley Quinn, a young forensic psychiatrist and profiler, to consult on their toughest cases. But Harley is haunted by one unsolved case-the night she discovered her roommate’s body marked with the signature of a notorious serial killer known as The Joker. Five years later, the case remains unsolved and a new series of horrific murders occur throughout the city. As the murders escalate, Harley’s obsession with finding the depraved psychopath responsible leads her down a dangerous path. When the past and the present finally collide, Harley has to decide how far she is willing to go-and how many lines she is willing to cross-to solve these cases once and for all.

Below are the comic book resources for Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity available on DCU.

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity

Discussions should center around the reading, however referencing other material is neither unheard of nor out of the question.

Given that this is a version of Harley we have never seen before:

  • Can she hold the line and seek justice? Or cross it, seeking vengeance?
  • Would she follow the traditional fate we are more familiar with? Or would her allegiance to Joker come about some other way?

The evolution of Joker is unique in its own way, but also has elements that have appeared in non comic book genres and media.

  • Discuss what you like/dislike.
  • How do you think he would react when meeting Batman for the first time?
    Without further ado, we delve into Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity.
    Let the adventure begin!!!

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I really enjoyed this story. Very interesting to see a Joker who isn’t tied to Batman in any way. I can see this Harley becoming a vigilante in the style of the Punisher, killing those she deems in need of Justice.
As far as this Joker meeting Batman, I think he wouldn’t believe Batman is truly out for justice but more sublimating his own need to hurt others.


Sort of. This is more of a soft open since it is a collab then a solo outing. If I can make it work, then there might be something more regular.


I should just always have this handy…

I’ll be back :saluting_face:


i’ve been meaning to finish this now that i have all the books, is it okay if i come back? good idea having sound mind too


Of course. Whenever you are ready. I still have to put my $0.02 in.


thanks! i’m almost done, I’ll be back soon


Happy DCUniversary @MaxR


I liked it. The ending was abrupt but I didn’t mind. Harley is my favorite and joker is usually garbage to her, so i liked that she was more in control following her own code and thought it was smart to do the podcast with it because they re similar. he should be the one chasing her. Harley is more clever than people give her credit for sometimes, because she makes us laugh but pacifying people is why she’s an asset and makes sense as an antihero. she has the will do what others won’t to finish a job or set things right, and is always true to herself, funny or not. I could see her hunting bad guys like that full time.



I agree, Harley is such an interesting character and I appreciate seeing her as more than the Joker’s plaything


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Harls has def blossomed after leaving rekoJ ehT behind. Girl’s livin’ her best life now. :smiley:
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Happy belated DCUI anniversary @MaxR. :tada:


Thanks! I’m glad she’s with ivy now, too and has her own life to live :00_harlivy: