Pssst. Hey, you. Wanna see the REAL Gotham City?

Ditch the tour guide, and follow me to the parts of town you won’t find in any brochure. It’ll be fine. Trust me.


I love it! Gotham City is my fav DC location. I want to go to the iceberg longue and see the penguin jazz band!!


Just take my wallet. I don’t want any trouble.


Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?


I got bail for ya Hubster…

Noise? I didn’t hear no noise–

Nah, the Bat didn’t find us, not here–

Thatain’t the Bat!

…the Bar ain’t got no crossbow…

…hey, wait, the

Gotham kind of smells. sniffs That’s either bad bacon or good cheese.

sees Knox walking down the street Yo, Knox! Wait up!

Typos are my only, true foe…

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That was a fun read. Robinson Park was a nifty highlight.

The rooftops in Gotham truly are second to none. I hope Ivo Shandor didn’t design any of Gotham’s architecture.

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Is there a sniper up th-


I also enjoyed the tour.

(Follows HubCityQuestion into the alleyway) Hey man, you holding? Got any Vertigo or some of that Joker laughing gas?


The Arkham Asylum tour was the best. They even give you a free funny looking jacket. The only downside was the padded escape room. I couldn’t find the way out, and I think the tour guides forgot me. The place must be on a timer though because after a few hours an alarm sounded and all the doors opened. It looked like the tour guides spent the time I was locked up setting up an elaborate interactive stage show. There were people in costumes, impressive fight choreography, flashing lights on the walls, smoke, and other fancy special effects. Some other tourists joined in the show but I didn’t stick around to see what happened. All that time stuck in the room made me hungry so I wandered off to find the nearest Big Belly Burger.


Very well done. A hearty round of applause.