PSA: Where Has All The Video Gone?

Greetings, friends.

You may be here because you noticed that the video for DC Universe is departing.

If you have opted out of our newsletters and push notifications, and do not frequently interact with the Community, that makes total sense - It’s been a crazy year, and many of us need to focus on our home and work life. To learn more about the future of DC Universe, please read on.


On the contrary! We’re sticking around for the long haul. We’ll be improving our digital comic book reader by leaps and bounds. Not only will you see a lot of technical improvements, we’re also expanding our library to include lots of new titles from Vertigo, Black Label, and more- not to mention that we’re now going to have comics 6 months after shelf release instead of 12!

This new service will be known as DC Universe Infinite, and if you opt-in, you won’t see any changes at all to your account as we transition on January 21st, 2021.

You can read more details on what to expect from the DC Universe Infinite Service here, and if you want to get it on the action, be sure to opt-into DC Universe Infinite here.


Please be sure to opt-in to continue your service uninterrupted. :point_left:


All of our Originals and a lot of our library is going to HBO Max. You can keep an eye on their announcements every month to see what they’re bringing next. We’ll also be including their DC listings in our monthly “Coming Soon” posts, as found in the Watchtower.

If this is your first time visiting our Community because of this sad news, please allow us to uplift you a bit by welcoming you to the DC Universe Community. Even though frustrating news may have brought you here, we hope you’ll still find some fellow fans to hang out with by joining one of our lively discussions, a book club, or just lurk and enjoy the fun.


How DARE you get rid of the original Animated series of, Batman, Superman, Justice League, and Teen Titans! I am extremely frustrated by this and will be canceling my account. How in the world would you think it a good idea to get rid of all your video content?


Good to hear a lot of it will be going to HBO. I don’t get HBO Max yet, but this will probably push me into getting it ( that and WW84)

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Sad to see nothing is gonna change until 2021 but you’re already taking JLU off and others. Hopefully you guys do put the animated series on HBO Max as that was the main reason for getting this.

I will also be canceling my subscription,smh

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Welp, time to cancel for now. I was in the middle of watching and trying to finish super friends, oh well.

Looks like I have missed much news. HBO max is unavailable where I am Stationed in the UK. I subscribed to DCU to continue to watch my favorite Superman movies/shows. If HBO max is the go-to, then I will cancel my account. Good while it lasted I guess.