PSA: The videos being removed June 1st have been announced

Just a heads up to everyone that doesn’t normally peruse the Watchtower.

They’ve listed the videos leaving June 1st, with ample time to watch them before they are gone.

Here’s the link:


DC/Warner Bros owns this stuff. Why take it off? The one benefit for most of the companies creating their own service is that it will never be taken off, like it would on Netflix or Hulu. If DC can’t get that simple thing right, then I don’t know how much longer I can subscribe for. I might as well just wait for it to get back to Netflix or Hulu.

@Linklex WB owns this stuff, but they probably have some sort of plan for where they place things when to maximize their income. Most of the stuff that leaves eventually comes back. It’s also wrong to assume that there will be no rotation whenever other companies make their own streaming services.

Linklex, a lot of this stuff is probably still being used on previous deals that were done prior to the app launch. Also, WB makes big money on licensing shows out. And more money if a network has exclusive rights to show a movie or show for a period of time. WB is still a business. Also, some of the money made by those licensing deals are what’s financing the original material we are getting here. So yes, it may be an inconvenience. But in the end, it’s helping give us new stuff to enjoy. And I’m cool with it.

Fox owned Hulu but they would rotate stuff out, often then having it on Netflix. It isn’t as simple as people think, if it was then they wouldn’t be rotating it out.