PSA: Comics are a Year and 3 Weeks after publishing

Though we’ve been told a year, its actually a year and three weeks.

The Cut off date AT THE MOMENT is March 28th, 2018. This could change while I’m waiting for conformation.
Fortunately I have a lot to catch up on. Just finished Action Comics Vol.5 Booster Shot.

However, a couple of comics from after the date (or at the year mark) are on the service most notably Action Comics #1000.

Anyway, I’m going to go read more of REBIRTH! Bye!

-Nathan.Payson (You’re friendly neighborhood reporter)


Update, Applejack has responded with this:

Gaps will be filled intermittently over the next few weeks. You can expect a more regular cadence reflecting the 12 moons starting May 7th, give or take about 6 days (not necessarily a 1:1 ration of May 7th 2018 = May 7th 2019, what with the space time continuum and all).

So it will be a year after all!

I don’t know, Nathan, sounds like a lot of celestial events are tied into whether we see the comics within a year of when they were published… we just got to hppe meteorites behave …no asteroids hit Earth…the Moon continues to operate properly and some Godzilla villain doesn’t blow up the moon in between now and May 7!!!

Because then we would never get to 12! Nostradamus your a genious!! Marvel if you are reading this, You can blow up the moon to destroy your partner!

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slash competitor

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