Prose Comic Books Discussion Thread!

Because not all superhero adventures take place in the panels!

Welcome, this is a thread meant to discuss the latest and greatest in prose books featuring Marvel, DC, and other comic book universes in the book format! Why? Who needs a reason? Let’s celebrate the adaptations, the novelizations, the tie-ins, and the originals!

Recent examples and a piece of news, to start off with:

  1. Aconyte has been putting out a new line of Marvel books, including ‘Untold’ tales, flashbacks to Asgard, and ‘Marvel Heroines’ originals!
  2. Not from Aconyte, to the best of my knowledge, but Alex Segura will be writing a Spider-Man 2099/Arana prose novel! Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow Novel Announced
  3. Remember the DC Icons YA books? A new trilogy started this summer. It features the origins of Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn: Reckoning by Rachael Allen: 9780593429860 | Books

Have anything to share? Feel free to do so, and don’t forget to be polite to others. I’m not affiliated with comic companies in any way, I’m just very excited because I just found out the Alex Segura news several minutes ago and a little hyper from a big glass of chocolate milk.


I have never wanted to read something more in my life :rofl:


Freshly released this month, Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma by Preeti Chhibber! Spider-Man's Social Dilemma by Preeti Chhibber Nicoletta Baldari - Marvel, Spider-Man Books I have a copy from the library, but I have not started it yet.


Your trivia for the day: In Barry Lyga’s final Arrowverse trilogy, he introduced an official version of Ambush Bug!

Book One: Flash: Green Arrow’s Perfect Shot (Crossover Crisis #1)

Book Two: Supergirl’s Sacrifice (The Flash Crossover Crisis #2)

Book Three: Flash: The Legends of Forever (Crossover Crisis #3)

Technically, it’s an alternate Arrowverse, but the regular Barry Allen appears at one point.

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Speaking of Alex Segura, while it’s not based on any of the big two characters, he recently wrote a really good book called Secret Identity, about a young woman working in the comics industry in the 70s who’s colleague gets murdered. Really good stuff.


I loved that, and I’m happy that he’s writing a semi-sequel.