Prompting The Question, Week 6: P.O.V.

Welcome to the 6th weekly installment of Prompting the Question, my series of short story writing exercises inspired (but not affiliated with) MissInkblot’s Fan Creation Fridays. Every week I bring you a new story premise for the community to build upon, to be read and reviewed by myself and your peers.

This week’s prompt: P.O.V.!

Inspired by a few of last week’s entries, all you have to do is this: explore the same scene multiple times (at least twice, but aim for 3 or more if you’re daring), from the perspective of different characters in the scene. Did one character notice elements of the scene the other(s) didn’t? Do they remember the events completely differently? It’s up to you!

Adhere to all the established message board guidelines when composing your story, but otherwise go wild. Looking forward to seeing what you all cook up!


I’m a little late but I’m bored

The Voice

Batman’s P.O.V

“Oracle I ne…”, “What the heck “
I fell off the gargoyle, I heard a strange voice. In my head. I was sitting in the alley’s dumpster listening to this annoying voice in my head, and making occasional conversation. And then it stopped. Thank god.

Oracles P.O.V

Bruce was talking to me about a drug dealer “Oracle I ne…”, “what the heck” he yelled. I checked the cameras and he was sitting in a dumpster talking to himself, and he got up and resumed as if nothing happened

Catwoman’s P.O.V

I saw him perched up on that gargoyle when all of a sudden he fell. I heard “what the heck!”. Next thing I knew he was sitting in a dumpster talking to himself, and then he got up and walked away.

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I enjoy writing these, don’t stop!

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