Prompt Game: Build a Crisis!

I’ll post a potential comic title with the word “Crisis” in it. You come up with a short pitch for an event (or other story; the original Crises were just short Justice League story arcs) with that title, and then create a new Crisis title, so the next person can do the same for yours. Feel free to propose alternate answers to older titles, too.

So, here’s an example, courtesy of two mysterious masked figures of the night who are most definitely not my alter egos from the metagene thread over on the Random board:

@Trivial>Pursuer1979: I have you now, Captain Kinda-Late! Create a pitch for “Crisis in Fifty-Two Seconds!”… or your precious forums are DOOMED!
@Captain_Kinda-Late: I’ll play your game, fiend! “A Thanagarian invasion force rigs a Zeta-Beam projector to teleport their entire army to Earth… but only for fifty-two seconds. They target strategic locations to ambush Earth’s greatest defenders: the superheroes! Each page of the series follows a different hero and how they fend off their alien assailants.” There! Now unhand those forums and face JUSTICE! Also, the next person should write a summary for “Crisis of Conscience!”

And there goes that brave, talented, and devilishly handsome masked crimefighter, Captain Kinda-Late! What a true hero who’s definitely not me. In honor of his heroics, we’ll start with his title: Crisis of Conscience!


Crap, my finger twitched and I did a double-post. Mods, help!

I hate to be “that” nerd, but…
Crisis of Conscience already happened. It was a five-issue JLA story written by Geoff Johns in the lead-up to Infinite Crisis.

Okay, now that annoying, pedantic, “well, actually!” CaptThunder is out of the way…

The Psycho Pirate has joined forces with Eclipso. Using her magic and his emotional manipulation powers, they have caused the heroes greatest regrets, fears, and nightmares to come true. Now, the heroes of the DCU must literally fight their greatest mistakes, deal with the fallout of the whole world learning their darkest secrets, and rebuild the shattered trust between them all.

Gah, that title was too good not to be taken. Backup plan: Crisis on Infinite Marses!

Oh, whoops. OK, we can live with a duplicate. Ignore the Mars one.

Lol. Well, since I forgot to create a title for the next one, let’s just use that: Crisis on Infinite Marses!

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Green martians societies from several other dimensions send the worst of the worst to wreck havoc on the white martians.

MM has to intervene to save his worst enemy and on the verge of success white martians arrive from other dimensions pulling in heroes and villains from everywhere.

Next title: Crisis of Faith

The Spectre has decided to pass judgment upon the gods of Olympus. As he begins to lay siege to the home of the gods, the Olympians empower Wonder Woman to counter the Spectre as their champion in the same way the Spectre represents the Presence. Overwhelmed by the surge of power, Diana loses control, and her battle with the Spectre begins to tear the Earth apart. The Justice League now has to find a way to stop the divinely-empowered smackdown.

Next title: Succession Crisis!

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When a horrible war with massive casualties breaks out between factions of heroes and villains across the world, the Greek deities from the Wonder Woman comics, who finally get tired of humanity and want to stop Ares from growing to strong, decide to do something about it. They step in and take over the world, forcing everyone to worship them. This causes panic and people across the world have crises of faith now that they know that Greek deities are real. As people continue to panic the Greek dirties get more strict, and, after a group of rebels attack and fail to kill the Greek deities, they start to treat humanity as slaves. The heroes and villains must team up to save the world!

Next up, Crises in Infinite Multiverses!

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Oh no

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Your idea is better

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I actually prefer yours, though I think either of them could work. Yours fits the title better, though.

@BatJamags But yours is way more interesting and creative of an idea

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Succession Crisis: In this parody of previous “Crisis”-level events, the Ambush Bug has died! While the greatest detective minds of the DCU work to unravel the murder (assuming, y’know, there really was one), the other heroes search for his successor. The one problem? There is no successor! No sidekick, child, girlfriend, sibling, or alt universe version to take up the mantle, leading to the Battle for the Antenna! For the Anti-Bug cometh, and he seeks to destroy the Meta-Verse!


Crisis in Infinite Multiverses: With Barbatos gone and the Batman Who Laughs topside, there is a void in the Dark Multiverse. Enter, the Empty Hand, leader of the Gentry. He has now conquerored the Dark, combing their forces with his own to lead a final conquest of the current Multiverse. To combat this threat, Operation Justice Incarnate summons every hero they can find to makee one last, desperate stand for the fate of all reality!


Now do “Holy Crisis, Batman!”

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Holy Crisis, Batman!

The Joker has escaped from Arkham again, and he’s out slaughtering dozens of poor Gothamites. But isn’t he surprised when some weirdo with a blue silky cape shows up I nstead of the Batman he knows and obsessed over. Well, it turns out it isn’t just the Joker who finds this funny… it’s also the entire Justice League, including Batman’s best friend, Superman, Who is looking a tad… blue? And electric? It looks like some strange force is forcefully turning back the clock of the metaverse! Not only is it transforming the characters of the DC Universe back into their more ridiculous past selves, it’s also ripping apart the very fabric of reality as continuity begins to make less sense. Who is this strange force? Why, it’s no other than Superboy Prime! He’s back from beyond the Source Wall, and he’s going to remake the universe how he sees fit, no matter the cost! Will the mismatched band of Leaguers be able to stop him? Or will reality dissolve into a puddle of hilarity? Find out tomorrow, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!

Next up… “Kryptonian Crisis!”

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Destruction of the Endless (to make a point) re-assumes his mantle, unsheaths the sword, and removes all superpowers from the every meta and alien in the galaxy. Chaos ensues.

Zack Snyder gets ahold of Dark Nights: Metal issues, he thinks it would be the perfect launching point for a cinematic universe. The public at large, for this reason, disagrees

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