Project: Comic Collection App

Hello everyone,

Last month, I created a web app for comic collecting. It uses Bootstrap for the frontend and IndexedDB for the database. I’m currently in a coding bootcamp and I am starting to learn React Native.

I’m thinking of implementing this in React Native so individuals can run it on Android phones. It would be free to use. Would anyone be interested in an app like this?

Here’s the link to my code on Codepen (If anyone is interested): Comic Book Inventory (


I’ve made some progress on my mobile app. Here are some screenshots.

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I finished my comic collection app. In the future, I’ll add the ability to search and fetch data from Metron. At the moment, users have to manually enter in the data themselves. Here is a video demo of the project.

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Looks like quite the labor of love. Great work! :grinning: :+1:t3:

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Thank you.

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