Production on Young Justice Outsiders Has Wrapped

Wrap party pic from composer Kristopher Carter:

So now it’s up to you, DCU/WB - give the cast and crew like 20 minutes to rest, then pick YJ up for a fourth season! :smiley:


Hope Whitney Moore will play Stargirl again! :grinning: I can’t wait til June to watch rest of the 3rd season.


I too eagerly anticipate the return of Young Justice season 3. In June. FYI :slight_smile:


Before people get so uppity and all in arms about how it’s not coming back till June when though its “wrapped”.
This just means the actors are done, basically. I’ve worked in sound for animation a long time. I’ve been invited to and missed wrap parties because I was working at meeting a deadline for the show that is “wrapped” several times in my career.

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