Pride Profile: Porcelain


:00_dc_pride: Pride Profile: Porcelain. So, what’s Gail Simone’s secret agenda? I’m pretty sure it’s telling awesome comic stories that depict a broad spectrum of humanity. She is sneaky that way. And, she did it again with Porcelain in Secret Six #1 (2015). Introduced looking feminine as Kani, Porcelain is trapped with Catman and the rest of a newly reconstituted Six at the beginning of the series. The same character dramatically changes their appearance to a more masculine look in issue #4 forcing ‘Kevin’ to reintroduce themselves. Porcelain explains to Catman “Look….Some days I feel like a girl…other days, not so much.” Porcelain has the ability to make things brittle, and takes advantage of it with a sledge hammer. This gener-fluid character has expressed attraction to both Catman and Jeannette.


Secret Six (2014)


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