Pride Profile: Pied Piper


:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Pied Piper. Hartley Rathaway is an original Silver Age Flash villian created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino for The Flash #106 in 1959, also the debut issue for Gorilla Grodd. Mastering his flute like his namesake, Rathaway uses his power to control people, commit crimes and generally act like a Rouge. Reimagined with the New 52, the Pied Piper becomes a much more complex and interesting character. Now a reformed Rouge, Piper assists the Flash while dating his Central City PD boss, David Singh, at the same time.

The Flash #106 (1959)

The Flash New 52 Era!


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I liked Hartley in Wally’s run too. He was a reformed Rogue there too, and he’d hang out with Wally and Linda as friends as well as help Flash occassionally. The friendship side stood out to me though.


I liked that too, really should have included a reference to that. Piper makes the perfect reformed Rogue