Pride Profile: Obsidian


:00_dc_pride:Pride Profile: Obsidian. Todd James Rice, the brother of Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade), was introduced by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway in All-Star Squadron #25, before starring as member of Infinity Inc. Jade’s Green Lantern-like powers and Obsidian’s shadow powers were inherited from their father Green Lantern Alan Scott and mother the one-time villain Thorn :woman_shrugging:. Cycling through memberships in Infinity Inc., the JSA and the Justice League didn’t prevent Obsidian from descending into madness, supposedly also inherited from his mother. Stable and retired from the superhero game, Todd appears in the Kate Spencer’s Manhunter series and meets and falls in love with Assistant District Attorney Damon Matthews.

All-Star Squadron #25

Infinity Inc.

Kate Spencer’s Manhunter


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