Pride Month 2020 - Thoughts on "Exit Stage Left"?

It is Pride Month again, and given the current state of affairs the this country I will be rereading Exit Stage Left again. Who will join me. What do you all think of this collected work?

Happy Pride Month 2020


this is my new favorite limited series.


That comic would be very fun to revisit. Thanks for the inspiration!


I have read lots of Mark Russell comics before and since Exit Stage Left. For some reason, for Snagglepuss in particular, that there was a big difference between my impression of the story reading it month to month vs the impression I got sitting down and reading it all in one sitting. Exit Stage Left definitely improved with the one sitting reading. I think the normal distraction I get with all of the other monthlies I read weighed heavier on my original reading of Exit Stage Left because it reads more like a novel than an episodic satire.

Regardless of personal details, this re-read really made me appreciate this story so much more than I did before. It is haunting.


It’s the most strangely incredible comic I’ve ever read. I don’t know if it’s better than Flintstones or his other comic work, but it’s very, very good.


Love this series, Mark Russell can do no wrong.


I just finished reading the series, after the recommendation on DC daily and the fact it was nominated for an Eisner award. SnagglePuss as a character reads like a modern day Oscar Wilde, in the best way. It feels like a story I’ve read before but this interpretation makes it feel new. I love stories that take a risk. There was no guarantee this story would be popular, and they did it because they felt it needed to be done. I’m really glad that I read it.


Sorry for the tangent, but I wanted to voice a recommendation for one of Mark Russel’s current projects - Billionaire Island from Ahoy Comics. Issue #2 just came out last week, but I didn’t get around to buying it until today. It is great. The comic is being drawn by Russell’s storytelling partner from The Flinstones - Steve Pugh. So far, only two issues have come out, so it is not too late to catch up. So far it is a doozy.