Preparing For Launch: DC Community on Mobile Devices, How To Find It And Where It Goes

If you’ve downloaded the latest update on your Android device, you may have noticed a change in where the Community is located. You can now find it in the three lines in the upper left, as seen here:

Once you click “Community”, you will notice that it redirects you to your device’s browser, where you may have to sign in one more time. Don’t worry, once you’ve signed in, you can save your login information, and you won’t have to do it ever again!

You may be asking, “Why the heck is it acting like this? Is Community on its way out?” Quite the opposite! These changes are to create the following expansions and improvements:

  • BETTER PERFORMANCE - Topics will load more quickly, and the community overall will be much more responsive. It also allows us to expand our customizations to include new features and capabilities.

  • MORE DISCOVERABLE - Running the Community through a browser allows the flexibility for us to include the Community in the DC Universe Infinite app, as well as having an entry point from! You will notice this lovely community included in the mothership’s website, inviting new friends into our home as of January 21st, 2021.

And for the SUPER curious, here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from our new redesign when DC Universe Infinite launches January 21st, 2021

For you night owls, :night_with_stars: Dark Mode :night_with_stars: will still be available for those who like to snuggle up with their tablet in the evening.

Here is a quick video for those who have not seen the update, so you know what to expect:

While these changes will take a day or two to get used to, we can’t wait for all the new doodads our community will be bringing you in the future!


Just got a message from Batman. He is curious if he will also see an update on his bat phone that runs iOS. :batman_hv_4:



is there a technical name for the three lines?


Yes, you in the front?

Ah, it is lovingly referred to as the “Hamburger Menu”. :hamburger:


It will indeed! You may not see this Community change in iOS this month, but the update is rolling out slowly :slight_smile: This is the only visible change to members, for now.


:laughing: thanks, boss!


Ah, excellent Captain! :sunglasses: :+1:

Off to tell this to Batman then… :superman_hv_3:

Unless The Flash gets there first… :thinking:

:flash_hv_1: :superman_hv_4:


Thanks for the info :+1:
Dark Mode nice.


I would be sad, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble with Community on the app, and my company operates our mobile experience out of a browser for the same reasons. I’m into it!


official embedded video! :+1:t3:

narrated by Timothy “the Chief” Dalton or Anna “Starfire” Diop . . . :+1:t3: :+1:t3:


Will DC Universe Infinite be a new app to be downloaded, or will it be an just update to the DCUniverse app?


Hey @LeonardoMyst! It will just be an update to your already existing DCU app. :slight_smile:


Thanks, BBH!


As the topic notes, I’m seeking advice on using DCU via iPhone. I used to be able to do this, but for many months the app has not worked for me. I click it and it brings up the DC Universe Image against a black background, then drops from display and returns to the iPhone home screen. I’ve tried updating the app, deleting and uninstalling it, and nothing seems to fix the issue.

If I try opening and closing it numerous times - like literally dozens - it may work for a while. This was not an issue before. I gave up on it and just stuck with reading comics on my computer and watching films on my Xbox, but I thought it might be worthwhile to see if anyone else has had this issue, and has any suggestions.


Hi! I’m sorry you’ve been having difficulties with the app. I’m by no means a tech guru or anything, but it won’t hurt to brainstorm. :slightly_smiling_face: Mind if I ask you a few questions?

  • Which iPhone do you use?
  • Is your iOS up to date?
  • You mentioned that the app may work for a while every so often. On average, about how long does the app cooperate before it begins glitching again?
  • Have you tried clearing out history/cookies/website data?

Thanks for the great list of questions, @Hiraeth! :slight_smile:

Have you already reached out to our Customer Service team for assistance, @Parliament_of_Worlds? If not, can you please also send the information for the questions Hiraeth asked to us via Support Ticket so we can make official record of what you’re seeing on your device, and help you troubleshoot?


Really hope this isn’t permanent. App is extremely annoying to use now, so got open windows all over the place, constantly having to click on my dc before able to actually get into the community. Nothing loads any faster, sometimes my
continue reading lists are there sometimes not. This coupled with not being able to read on my tv is a huge bummer. Also keep getting notifications that I haven’t signed up for dcuinffinite, which I did immediately when given the chance. Every time I click on this link to sign up it just redirects me to the bottom of this page.


I don’t have an update to download on either of my devices, and I still don’t see this change. Am I missing something?


Hiya JayJayden,

The update is rolling out slowly on Android, and iOS may not see it until January 21st. You can force your update on Android by going to the Google Play Store. If the update has not his your store yet, you can consider this an advanced peek at what’s to come :slight_smile:


I noticed this this morning and thought it was a bug in the update. Glad to see it’s intentional.