Prepare Yourself. November is the Month of Robin!

I liked exploring the gauntlets (The Gauntlet is one of my favorite Robin stories!). The tease of the first Robin thing still makes me wary though. Dick is the first Robin; the name and costume are both tied to his character’s personal history. As long as those aspects remain, I’ll be interested in seeing where this story goes as I like seeing the Batfam interactions and mystery solving.

I found the AMA post above interesting, and can definitely see some of those perspectives at play.

It’s interesting to read this book while also reading the first issue of Robin and Batman. I agree that Dick has the chosen aspect, but he also did quite a bit of demanding (or rather do-it-yourself-ing) himself in those early days of becoming Robin.

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To some extent, all of the Robins share a ton of traits, which is why they all were decent or good choices to be Robin. Tim is often called the “brains” or “head” - but all of the Robins are smart. The Robins all have to be braved, determined, rebellious, have a commitment to justice, a desire to protect others - so when one of them is seen as more identified with one trait over another, I wouldn’t see that as cancelling out that trait in all the other four Robins - just that they are particularly known for it, especially when contrasted with the others.

Yeah, I wasn’t implying the characters don’t share traits. I just think sometimes the “Chosen One” or “Golden Boy” monikers get taken a bit too far. Of course, the same could be said for any simplification. My point was more that in the Robin and Batman mini series running in parallel, Dick’s other traits are being highlighted, so I find the combined look back interesting.

Third issue is up!

Some REALLY interesting revelations, and I’m going to have to reread it to see about some of the clues and actions that are going on. Very exciting stuff, and I like what’s going on with the Robins right now. I thought Steph had some very nice bits!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the vibe this issue or some of the potential revelations. Steph was amusing.

I thought this was a bit of an improvement, actually - the complexity of the flashbacks and plotting, and the way it all played into the final reveal was pretty well constructed. Steph following up on her visiting the Anarky girl from last issue was pretty cool, and since we know from issue #1 that Jenny Wren was involved in that, it makes sense that it would be a clue!

Woah, Steph’s subplot has exploded into the main plot with issue #4! Really appreciated how much she shone in this issue, and how Seeley wasn’t just throwing things at the wall in the last three issues, but actually tied a ton of stuff together to point it towards a climax in the concluding three issues. Really excited to see what happens next issue with the Visions hinted at on the cover!