Predictions, theories, and discussion for Swamp Thing

This is a thread to discuss the Swamp Thing TV show and make predictions and theories about the last two episodes. I wish that we knew there were more to come but I would like to discuss what we have now regardless. To get the discussion rolling, here are some starter questions:

Who is your favorite character(s) on the show and why?

Do you like the villains of the show?

What do you think will happen in the next two episodes? (also, I really hope we get more Blue Devil since they’ve been setting it up almost all season)

Do you think Abby will have any bigger changes in her character by the end of the season (namely getting her powers and changing her hair color to match the comics)?

Also, what do you think about the intertwining of science and magic on this show? ( I find is fascinating personally)


The title of the ninth episode says it all

The Anatomy Lesson.

We are firmly and finally in Alan Moore territory.

Read Saga of Swamp Thing issue 21 before Next Friday.

Also the poster shows Swamp Thing carrying a skeleton tenderly.

Again the title of the next episode tells us whose skeleton that is.

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