Predictions for the Finale of Stargirl

I am enjoying Stargirl, and I can’t wait each week for the new episode. I would like to post my guess as to how the show will end. Beware: Spoilers hopefully ahead.

The pen, which appeared non-functional that was for one particular hero will be a pivotel plot point not resolved until that final episode. The villain who hardly used his magic wand to the evil satisfaction of his league mates will use it in a Potter-esque manor to revive his dead son, and that good boy will activate the pen and work for good to help defeat the other supervillains who were operating without the magician on their plans. I predict that the next episode will introduce the table mate at lunch and the half brother as the next two heroes, and they will all assemble for the first time in the finale.

The villain with the magic wand is The Wizard. He was killed by Icicle also.

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