Prediction: internet loses its mind over Jason Todd poll when...

Prediction: internet loses its mind over Jason Todd poll when DC uses it to determine fate of “Titans” Jason Todd.

Bonus prediction:
Everyone who voted to save Jason Todd will complain when DC saves Jason Todd.

Side note:
I (personally) would be super stoked if DC did something like this, whichever way the poll goes.


I will only accept Jason not dying if it means he goes on the Arkham Knight path and was presumed dead


If it is done intelligently, I really don’t care where they take it. I am a consumer of created content, not a creator… I have no say.

The beauty of DC characters is they are infinitely malleable; they can be used to tell any permutation of any story desired. Besides, what happens in anything other than the mainline comics generally doesn’t become canon. I doubt DC would ever fully erase that singular point in Batman’s life of failing a Robin so miserably.


I think the internet will go bonkers when Jason Todd is revealed to be… the next person to play Colonel Sanders. Seems nobody wants that role. "Eat some chicken RIGHT NOW! You BETTER say “It’s finger lickin’ good or I will break your fingers!”



The thing is that they don’t say how he lives or the scars he will walk away with. . If he were to live in this go around. It will be interesting to see what happens. The poll seems to be leaning towards live so far. Let’s say he did die but what if in that moment he defeated the Joker for good. I would imagine they could even make the Joker just a mantle other rogues could pick and possibly become the Joker. Just some possible ideas. A previous commenter had said how malleable that the characters are that’s so true.

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Well for those who love him there would be no difference since Armham Knight was quite a torture even if he lived. For those who doesn’t care about him there is no difference as well, I mean they wouldn’t even notice that. So, let’s say nobody shall complain about his being saved or killed. LOL
Personally I realy wish to see a titan with both Nightwing and Robin(more precisely Robin 2.0, Tim should be the leader instead), red hood could wait.
Give us some new stories please!!! LOL, Jason’s death was already been used like a hundred of times in various story lines, this time I’d really love to see something different.

I really don’t want this to happen. I don’t need to explain, just check my name

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@Redhood.55520 Don’t worry ,red hood will come eventually. We’ve already got so many splendid stories relating to that part, why not something new? LOL

No I’m fine with him as Robin being on the show for more episodes. They don’t need to rush it and kill him off quickly. I just want him to die


Even if he lives there is no reason why he still cannot become the Red Hood. I kind of see him as already being halfway there without additional trama of the joker.

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You called this HARD, @EsotericCthulhu.
This poll was intended to be just for fun, and although we were very excited to do it on a personal level, we had no idea it would get the response it did publicly (should have checked with Esoteric first ;p ) .


I had no idea how close I would be lol. I’m excited that DC Universe has that kind of response, in general. I want the service to succeed because that means more DC wonderfulness.

I don’t know. I kind of agree with @peorthundead. I would be EXTREMELY curious to see what kind of Jason Todd we would get if he survived something similar to the Death in the Family storyline. Would he be softened (somewhat) by Bruce saving him or would he turn into even more of an hardliner? A Jason Todd who survives that kind of trauma could very well be more disturbed than the one brought back to life by the Lazarus pits.

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Its just my opinion , but i think Jason’s death was too important to just get rid of, like think about how much would change if he hadn’t died. We wouldn’t even have Tim.

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That episode when he and Dick were fighting together was intense! I kept expecting him to die and for Batman to pull Tim out of the Robin dispenser next episode, lol


Robin Dispenser! That’s fantastic lol

The Robin Dispenser: it makes a cute “ching!” sound when the next one rolls out. Just don’t be in a position where you end up asking “Can you spare a Robin?”. That’s always awkward.

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